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Shotokan Flashcards

Shotokan Termiology

Ken Fist
Ashi Leg
Te Hand
Ichi One
Ni Two
San Three
Shi Four
Go Five
Roku Six
Shichi Seven
Hachi Eight
Ku Nine
Ju Ten
Dachi Stances
Zenkutsu Dachi Forward Or Front Stance
Kokutsu Dachi Back Stance
Kiba Dachi Straddle Leg Or Horse Riding Stance
Fudo Dachi Rooted Stance
Kamaete Dachi Fighting Stance
Hachiji Dachi Open Leg Stance
Hangetsu Dachi Half Moon Stance
Heiko Dachi Parallel Stance
Heisoku Dachi Informal Attention Stance
Masubi Dachi Informal Attention Stance Feet Turned Out
Neko Ashi Dachi Cat Foot Stance
Sanchin Dachi Hour Glass Stance
Shiko Dachi Square Stance
Sochin Dachi Diagonal Straddle Leg Stance
Uchi Hachiji Dachi Inverted Open Leg Stance
Shizen Tai Natural Position
T'Uke Waza Blocks
Jodan Age Uke Rising Block
Gedan Barai Downward Sweeping Block
Soto Ude Uke Outer Inner Forearm Block
Uchi Ude Uke Inner Outer Forearm Block
Age Uke Gyaku Ashi Rising Block From Reverse Arm
Ashibo Kake Uke Leg Hooking Block
Ashikube Kake Uke Ankle Hooking Block
Deai Osae Uke Pressing Block
Gedan Kake Uke Downward Hooking Block
Haisho Uke Back Hand Block
Haiwan Nagashi Uke Back Arm Sweeping Block
Hiji Suri Uke Elbow Sliding Block
Kakete Uke Block And Hold
Keito Uke Chicken Head Wrist Block
Ko Uke Top Of Wrist Block
Kosa Uke Oxbow Block
Kuri Uke Block Hold And Pull
Maeude Hineri Uke Forearm Twist Block
Morote Uke Double Fist Block
Nagashi Uke Sweeping Block
Osae Uke Pressing Block
Otoshi Uke Dropping Block
Shuto Uke Knife Hand Block
Shute Uke Bottom Of Wrist Block
Sokumen Awase Uke Side Two Handed Block
Sokutei Mawashi Uke Circular Sole Block
Sutekki Uke Stick Block
Te Nagashi Uke Hand Sweeping Block
Teishi Awase Uke Double Palm Heel Block
Teisho Uke Palm Heel Block
Tetsui Uke Hammer Fist Block
Yoko Uke Forearm Block To The Side
T'Keri Waza Kicks
Karateka Student
Mae Geri Front Kick
Yoko Geri Side Kick
Mawashi Geri Roundhouse Kick
Mae Geri Keage Front Snap Kick
Mae Geri Kekomi Front Thrust Kick
Mae Tobi Geri Jumping Front Kick
Mikazuki Geri Crescent Kick
Nidan Geri Double Jump Kick
Sokuto Keage Snap Kick With Foot Edge
Tobi Geri Jump Kick
Tobi Yoko Geri Jumping Side Kick
Ushiro Geri Back Kick
Yoko Geri Keage Side Kick Snap
Yoko Geri Kekomi Side Thrust Kick
Yoko Tobi Geri Jumping Side Kick
Fumikiri Geri Cutting Kick
Fumikomi Geri Stamping Kick
Yoko Geri Kekomi Side Kick Thrust
Mawashi Gerikin Geri Front Kick To Groin
T'Suki Waza Punches
Oie Zuki Front Punch
Gyaku Zuki Reverse Punch
Kizami Zuki Front Snap Punch
Age Zuki Rising Punch
Awase Zuki ‘U' Punch
Choku Zuki Straight Punch
Dan Zuki Consecutive Punching
Gyakuzuki No Tsukomi Leaning Reverse Punch
Hasami Zuki Scissor Punch
Hiraken Zuki Fore Knuckle Fist Punch
Ippon Ken Zuki One Knuckle Fist Straight Punch
Junzuki No Tsukomi Leaning Lunge Punch
Kagi Zuki Hook Punch
Maeken Snap Punch
Mawashi Zuki Roundhouse Punch
Nagashi Zuki Flowing Punch
Ren Zuki Alternate Punching
Yama Zuki Big Or Double Punch
Yumi Zuki Pushing Punch
T'Uchi Waza Strikes
Shuto Uchi Knife Hand Strike
Tetsui Uchi Hammer Fist Strike
Uraken Uchi Back Fist Strike
Teisho Uchi Palm Heel Strike
Empi Uchi Elbow Strike
Haisho Uchi Back Hand Strike
Haito Uchi Ridge Hand Strike
Hiji Uchi Elbow Strike
Kaisho Uchi Open Hand Strike
Mae Empi Uchi Forward Elbow Strike
Nukite Uchi Spear Hand Strike
Otoshi Empi Uchi Downward Elbow Strike
Tate Empi Uchi Upward Elbow Strike
Ushiro Empi Uchi Rear Elbow Strike
Yoko Empi Uchi Side Elbow Strike
Created by: Rob1346
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