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History Nathan

Unit test

Mexico - Government - Economy - Religion - Language -Capital Representative Democracy Capitalism Christian/Catholic Spanish Mexico City
Costa Rica - Government - Economy - Religion - Language -Capital Representative Democracy Capitalism Christian Catholic Spanish San Jose
Panama - Government - Economy - Religion - Language -Capital Representative Democracy Capitalism Christian Catholic Spanish Panama City
Cuba - Government - Economy - Religion - Language -Capital Authoritarian Dictatorship Socialism Christian Catholic Spanish Havana
Brazil - Government - Economy - Religion - Language -Capital Representative Democracy Capitalism Christian Catholic Portugese Brasilia
Argentina - Government - Economy - Religion - Language -Capital Representative Democracy Capitalism Christian Catholic Spanish Buenos Aires
Venezuela - Government - Economy - Religion - Language -Capital Federal Republic Capitalism Christian Catholic Spanish Caracas
Columbia - Government - Economy - Religion - Language -Capital Representative Democracy Capitalism Christian Catholic Spanish Bogata
Chile - Government - Economy - Religion - Language -Capital Representative Democracy Capitalism Christian Catholic Spanish Santiago
amazon rainforest selva
people who travel to find work when extra help is needed to plant of harvest crops migrant worker
smaller areas subregion
a mineral used in fertilizer and explosives sodium nitrate
farm products grown for export cash crops
high ranking military officers or rich men supported by first class caudillo
a government controlled economy and society communist state
movement of people migration
people of mixed Native American and European descent mestizo
combining parts of different languages to make one pidgin language
large festival carnival
large paintings mural
public squares plaza
mexican cowhands vaqueros
factories in which workers assemble parts made in other countries maquiladora
small plots where farmers grow only enough food to feed their families subsistence farm
group of islands archipelago
series of steep cliffs that drop down to the Atlantic coastal plains escarpment
over crowded slum areas that are surrounding many Brazilian cities favela
cowhands ganaho??? can't read
money owed by the government national debt
miss a debt payment to the company or person who lent the money default
percentage of people who can read and wrote literacy rate
communist government decides how resources are used and what goods and services are produced command economy
money sent back home by Haitians who work in other countries remittances
self governing and territory commonwealth
small river that flows into a larger river tributary
an area where river and ocean tides meet ostuary?
large farms that grow single crop for sale plantation
narrow piece of land that links two larger areas of land isthmus
tropical grasslands that stretch through eastern Columbia and Venezuela Llanos
a plan covers much of Argentina and Uruguay Pampas
Alcohol produced by sugar and gasoline gasohol
area between tropics of cancer and tropics of capricorn tropics
a dense stand of trees and plants that receive high amount of precipitation rain forests
umbrella like covering of leavees canopy
places high above sea level altitude
corn maize
form of writing that uses signs or symbols heiroglyphics
hard black volcanic glass obsidian
shiny green semiprecious stone jade
large territory with many different peoples under one ruler empire
Explain how climates and altitude/elevation affect daily life in Latin America TROPICAL (rain forests, hurricanes) TEMPERATE (dry summer, rain throughout year, winter is short and mild, grow fruit and export), DRY CLIMATE (cacti, desert). Altitude causes changes in climate and vegetation. Higher altitude =cooler temps. Tierra Hel
Create a timeline for the histories of Latin American countries, then explain the challenges caudillos created for individual countries while developing
Identify the groups that colonized Latin America and explain their cultural influences on today's culture
Created by: jgranetz
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