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AQA GCSE verbs

Verbs you need to know for GCSE

regarder to look at/to watch
ecouter to listen
chercher to look for/to fetch
aimer to like
acheter to buy
gouter to taste
rentrer to come back
pratiquer to practice/do
manger to eat
déjeuner to have lunch
travailler to work
demander to ask
dépenser to spend money
rester to stay
trouver to find
laisser lo leave
penser to think
aider to help
coûter to cost
commencer to start
rencontrer to meet
remarquer to notice
donner to give
essayer to try
chanter to sing
passer to spend time
montrer to show
choisir to choose
remplir to flll
réussir to succeed
finir to finish
porter to wear/carry
frapper to hit
louer to hire
parler to speak
envoyer to send
gagner to win/earn
partager to share
vendre to sell
perdre to lose
entendre to hear
s'entendre to get on with s.o.
attendre to wait
battre to beat
s'ennuyer to get bored
s'occuper de to take care of
s'amuser to enjoy oneself
s’inquièter to worry
se ressembler to look alike
se souvenir to remember
avoir to have
être to be
faire to do/make
devoir to have to
vouloir to want
voir to see
partir to leave
sortir to go out
venir/devenir to come/become
croire to believe
lire to read
dire to say/tell
monter to go up
prendre to take
mettre to put
recevoir to receive
savoir to know(a fact
conduire to drive
naitre to be born
suivre to follow
connaitre to know someone
écrire to write
ouvrir to open
apprendre to learn
vivre to live
arrêter To stop
S'inquiétier To worry
pleurer To cry
dépenser To spend
Created by: magulin