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study for End of Coarse exam

GI Bill of Rights money for college, money for down home payment
suburbs homes or neighborhoods outside cities that are exactly the same
white flight all whites use GI Bill to leave city for suburbs
birth rate because of prosperity women stayed home, had multiple babies; largest baby boom ever
Interstate Highway System developed by Eisenhower to transport military coast to coast
fast food chain McDonalds and Burger King develop because people travel with money
Hotel and Motel developed during this time because of travel
Martin Luther King Jr leader who used Ghandi’s slow non violent approach
Southern Christian Leadership Conference organization associated with Martin Luther King Jr's approach of non violence; made up of Church preachers and elders
March on Washington march where over 1 million men and women, white and black marched together in support of civil rights
sit ins leaders would sit at lunch counters that were segregated forcing opposition
Malcolm X “bullets for bullets”; an eye for an eye
Nation of Islam Black Islamic Church who calls for an eye for an eye, and separation of races
Congress of Racial Equality founded in 1942 using Ghandi’s non violence approach
Freedom Riders students rode buses into south and desegregated facilities; South hated
Student Non Violent Coordination Committee student activism in your face non-violent approach
affirmative action when preference is given to a minority over a white in school admission or governmental contracts
American Indian Movement group of Indians calling for all in
Wounded Knee indians from AIM held off at gun point for over 90 days to fight for their rights
Equal Rights Amendment constitutional amendment calling for all women to get equal pay and rights; Phyllis Schlafley a conservative fought against it successfully and it never passed
Brown v Board of Education Supreme Court case ending segregation and integrating all schools putting black and white children together
Gideon v Wainright Supreme Court case which ensures that your right to a free public defender in court is provided to you by the government
California v Bakke Supreme court found against University of California policy which set aside 16 slots for medical school to minorities calling it unconstitutional
Roe v Wade Texas woman is denied the right to have an abortion; Supreme Court overrules the Texas law and allows women throughout the United States the right to chose if they want to have an abortion
United Farm Workers union of migrant farm workers in California that fought Ernest and Gallow winery for rights lead by Ceasar Chavez
Created by: Tyl3r10959