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Chapter 10 S.S

What was a cause of the civil rights movement? African Americans were often denied equal rights
What are three ways in which segregation affected American society? Blacks and whites had to attend separate schools; blacks and whites were socially isolated; blacks and whites had to use separate public facilities
What are three events that occurred before Martin Luther King, Jr. helped plan a massive march in Washington, D.C.? President Truman ordered an end to segregation of the United States; Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on a Montgomery bus; segregation of public schools was declared illegal.
What describes the Civil Rights Act of 1964? law passed by Congress that banned segregation in all public places in the United States
What was the space race? race between the United States and the Soviet Union to explore outer space
Why did the United States send soldiers to Vietnam? North Vietnamese were fighting to unite Vietnam under a communist government
What are three events occurred after the last American troops left Vietnam? The North Vietnamese and the South Vietnamese continued fighting;South Vietnam surrendered to North Vietnam; Vietnam was united under a communist government
Which statement best describes the doves' position toward the Vietnam Conflict? They believed it was a civil war that should be settled by the Vietnamese people.
Which statement best describes the role of women in the mid-1900s? Women were not allowed to participate in certain sports.
What are three achievements of the Women's Rights Movement of the mid-1900s? The National Organization for Women was formed; Congress passed the Title 9 law; more job opportunities became available for women.
What was the purpose of the National Farm Workers Assosation? to gain rights for migrant workers
What are three ways in which Americans worked to improve the environment in the late 1900s? The Environmental Protection Agency was formed; the first Earth Day was celebrated; Rachel Carson wrote Silent Spring.
What are three statements that describe President Nixon's trip to China? It was the first time an American President visited China; it was an important step toward friendlier relations with China; Nixon met with communist leader Mao Zedong.
Why did President Carter invite the leasers to Egypt and Israel to the United States? to try to help bring peace between the two nations
What are three things that led do the collapse of communism in the 1900s? The Soviet economy was weakened by the high cost of the arms race; Mikhail Gorbachev came to power; people in Eastern Europe gained more freedom.
Identify three ways in which African Americans used passive resistance to gain civil rights. They organized sit-ins, freedom rides, and marches.
Explain how the Vietnam Conflict divided many Americans. Many disagreed over whether the United States should continue fighting. Doves believed the conflict was a civil war that should be settled by the Vietnamese people. Hawks believed that the war was necessary to stop the spread of communism.
What is the order of events? Berlin Wall was destroyed; The United Sates and the Soviet Union agreed to destroy some nuclear weapons; The Soviet Union broke up into 15 independent republics; Communist government fell in several Eastern European nations. 1)The United States and the Soviet Union agreed to destroy some nuclear weapons. 2)Communist governments fell in several Eastern European nations. 3)The Berlin Wall was destroyed. 4)The Soviet Union broke up into 15 independent republics.
What is an effect of Saddam Hussein refusing to withdraw his troops from Kuwait? The United States led an alliance to drive Iraqi forces from Kuwait.
Describe an Equal-Area Projection Map. This map tries to correct the distortion by showing longitude lines curving towards the poles.
Describe the Mercator Projection Map. This map shows longitude and latitude lines that are parallel to one another. Distances, shapes, and sizes are fairly accurate at the equator but become distorted toward the poles.
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