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VS 7 Civil War

Virginia History

Identify the Capital of the Confederacy. Richmond
Which of the following was not an issue during the Civil War? taxation
Explain how Thomas “Stonewall" Jackson got his nickname. Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson stood steady like a stone wall at the Battle of Bull Run.
Identify the founder of the Underground Railroad. This individual also served as a conductor on the “Railroad.” Harriet Tubman
The Civil War began in what year? 1861
Who was President of the United States of America during the Civil War? Abraham Lincoln
Who was President of the Confederate States of America during the Civil War? Jefferson Davis
Harriet Tubman established the Underground Railroad and was a “conductor” of that railroad. Assess the value of this statement. African Americans used the Underground Railroad to escape slavery.
___________ wanted to end slavery. Abolitionists
“I fought with my neighbors to free enslaved African Americans. I feel that slavery is an evil thing and would not wish anyone to be chained to it.” Decide which of the following might have made this statement. Abolitionists
Explain why was West Virginia formed? A difference in feelings about slavery among Virginians
Identify the abolitionist who led a slave revolt against plantation owners in 1831 Nat Turner
Summarize what the document known as the Emancipation Proclamation stated. All slaves in Confederate States were free.
A civil war is _____________________________. a war between people in the same country
What can you infer about a civil war? It is a war between people in the same country.
Identify the group of people who campaigned to end slavery. Abolitionists
Identify the secret escape route to the North used by slaves. Underground Railroad
Summarize the actions for which Nat Turner is best remembered. Nat Turner led a slave revolt against plantation owners in Virginia.
The decision of the Southern states to leave the Union was called -- secession.
In 1860, some southern states decided to secede from the Union after -- Abraham Lincoln was elected President of the U.S.
Identify one of the issues that divided the eastern and western counties of Virginia. the issue of slavery
Identify the general who accepted command of the Confederate Army. Robert E. Lee
Identify the site of the most important sea battle of the Civil War? near Norfolk and Hampton
The __________________ was the result of South Carolina, Mississippi, Georgia and Virginia seceding from the Union. Confederate States of America
The first engagement of ironclad ships at sea during the Civil War was a battle between which two ships? the Merrimac (Virginia) and the Monitor
Norfolk and Hampton are ______________________. where the most important sea battle of the Civil War took place.
What do Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, and Jefferson Davis have in common? They each played a major roll during the Civil War for the Confederacy.
When you hear the terms “MONITOR” and “MERRIMAC” what is this most likely to bring to mind? The first battle at sea fought between ironclad ships took place in Hampton Roads.
Identify the location of the first battle of the Civil War in Virginia. Manassas on Bull Run
When the southern states seceded from the Union what did they form? Confederate States of America
The Civil War ended when Robert E. Lee surrendered to Ulysses S. Grant on April 9, 1865 at _______________________. Appomattox Court House
Summarize the reason that the eastern counties of Virginia relied on slave labor. They were more agricultural than the west and needed them to help on the plantations.
General Robert E. Lee, Commander of the Army of Northern Virginia, defeated Union troops at -- Fredericksburg
Identify the Confederate general who played a major role in the first Battle of Manassas. Stonewall Jackson
Identify the Confederate General who commanded the Army of Northern Virginia. Robert E. Lee
Summarize the reason that Appomattox Court House is important. It is the site where General Lee surrendered his army to General Grant.
After the secession of Virginia, the capital of the Confederacy was — Richmond
How would you explain the role of American Indians in the Civil War? American Indians chose not to be involved in the Civil War.
Explain the roles of whites in the Civil War. Most whites supported the Confederacy.
“We raised crops and provided labor for the Confederate army.” Which group most likely made the statement above? African-Americans
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