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American Revolution

American Revolutionary War: Part 2

He commanded British troops at Brooklyn General Howe
He was nicknamed "Cunning Fox" General George Washington
He took British troops to Trenton General Charles Cornwallis
He was once a Captain in the Prussian Army Baron von Steuben
He commanded British troops at Monmouth General Clinton
He carried the white flag of surrender at Yorktown General Charles Cornwallis
He was a demanding drill master for the Patriot Army Baron von Steuben
He led the Patriots in an attack on Trenton General George Washington
Where did the British troops surrender at? Yorktown
Where did the two main armies fight to a standstill? Monmouth
Where did Patriot troops attack on December 26th? Trenton
Which battle attracted the attention of the French? Saratoga
Where did George Washington and his troops spend the winter? Valley Forge
Which battle is sometimes referred to as the turning point in the war? Saratoga
General Cornwallis attempted to ferry his troops across the river at which battle? Yorktown
General Washington did ferry his troops across the river at which location? Brooklyn
A violent snowstorm aided the Patriots in the taking of which location? Trenton
Patriots received the news that France would join the war while at what location? Valley Forge
Who won the Lexington Battle? British
Who won the Concord Battle? Patriots
Who won the Ft. Ticonderoga Battle? Patriots
Who won at Quebec? British
Who won at Boston? Patriots
Who won at Bunker Hill? British, but lost many more lives than the Patriots
Who won at Trenton Patriots
Who won at Philadelphia? British
Who won at Saratoga? Patriots
Who won at Monmouth? It was a draw (tie)
Who won at Yorktown? Patriots
George Washington wanted to take Brooklyn in order to control what? The Hudson River
What mistake did the British Generals often make? They waited too long
What did George Washington declare when he found out that France was joining the war? a Day of Thanksgiving
What were the conditions like at Valley Forge? ((3 things that made it very difficult for the soldiers) It was extremely cold, there was not enough food, and the soldiers had improper clothing/
Why was George Washington nicknamed "the cunning fox"? He was smart,sneaky, and sly like a fox. He outsmarted the British.
Created by: kathy galati
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