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Civil war notes!

notes on the causes of the civil war

What were two ways the north and south differed by the mid-1800's? north was industrial and a place of commerce,and the south was mostly plantations and farmers.
What was the compromise of 1850? California would be a free state,the rest of the mexican seccion would be a slave territory,Washington D.C. would stop the selling and trading of slaves,and congress would pass harsher fugitive slave laws.
What was Henry Clays role in the compromise of 1850? He crafted the compromise.
What was Daniel Websters role in the compromise of 1850? He supported the compromise.
Who authored "Uncle Tom's Cabin"? Harriet Beecher Stowe.
Abraham Lincoln once said,"So you are the little lady who began this great war." To who was he introduced? Harriet Beecher Stowe.
What was the Kansas-Nebraska Act? When congress decided to let the people decide by popular soveriegnty if either Kansas or Nebraska would be slave territories.
What were the outcomes of the kansas-Nebraska Act? It scrapped the Missouri Compromise in May 1855 pro-slavery settlers attatcked the anti-slavery town of Lawrence Kansas in an attack called the Sack of Lawrence, and divided the nation even further.
Who was the first Presidential candidate of the newly formed Republican Party? John C. Fremot.
What is the Dred Scott case and what consequnces did it have for free blacks? Dred Scott sued for his freedom, but the supreme court ruled that slaves were not citizens, and could never become citizens.
Which states seceded after Lincoln's election in 1860? South Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, and Texas.
How did the states justify leaving the Union? They said that they had temporarily joined the union, so it was the State's rights to leave the union.
Who became president of the Confederate States of America? Jefferson Davis.
Created by: mhoke