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Civil War Test

What was the first battle of the war, where the Confederate troops attacked an unarmed Union fort? Who won? Fort Sumter Confederates won
Define and list the border states. Slave states that stayed in the Union Missouri, Kentucky, West Virginia, Maryland and Delaware
List the other names for the North and the South. North- The Union and Yankees South-Confederats and Rebels
List the advantages the North had over the South. Larger population, more factories and resources, better transportation, stronger army and navy, better weapons and other countries recongnised the Union as a country
List the advantages the South had over the North. Better leaders, fighting on their land, cotton production
What was the Union's military strategy during the war? Navy blockade around Southern sea ports, gain control of the Mississippi River to split the South and capture the capital, Richmond
What was the Confederacy's military strategy during the war? Defend the homeland and get help from other countries
Who was the Union general? Grant
Who was the Confederacy general? Lee
Who won the battle of Bull run and why? The South won because the North was scared by their "rebel yell" and they retreated
Which battle was known as the bloodiest day in American history? Antietam
Which battle did congress want to fire Grant because he lost too many men? Shiloh
Which battles helped accomplish the Union's strategy of controlling the Mississippi River Fall of New Orleans and Vicksburg
Which battle was a 2 1/2 month seige untill the South finally gave up? Battle of Vicksburg
Who won the 7 Days Battle and what Union strategy was this battle trying to accomplish The Confederates won Take over the Southern capital of Richmond
What are the 3 reason's Lee decided to invade the North and take the offensive? He hoped Lincoln would want peace He wanted to give farmers a break to plant and harvest crops He wanted to get help from other countries
Explain Sherman "Total War" strategy He not only attacked his enemy but anything that would support them (destroyed: towns, crops and railroad lines)
Who won the Battle of Gettysburg? The Union
When and Where did Lee surrender to Grant? On April 9, 1865 at the Appomattox Court House in VA.
List the harships soldiers faces during the war. Lack or clean water and food, poor medical conditions, long hours of training, weather conditions
What was the Emancipatioin Proclamation? Did it work? A law Lincoln created which freed all the slaves in the rebellious states. It did not work because the South did not follow the law.
What was the term used for Northeners who did not support the war effort? What did Lincoln do to these people? Copperheads and he placed them in jail
What was the draft? Why did both sides use it? How did people get out of the draft? Draft-forced enrollment into the military Both sides needed troops because so many men were desereting Men could hire a replacement, pay 300.00 or if they owned 20 or more slaves they didn't have to fight
What were the new technologies introduced during the war? A more accurate rifle and cannon Ironclad
What were the 2 key results of the Civil War? It united the country and put an end to slavery
What major effects of the war were felt in the south and the north? South-Total War destroyed the southern economy North-hundreds of thousands of Americans were killed
What was the Freedman's Bureau? A government program to provide relief for freed slaves such as education, finding jobs and housing
Why did Booth kill Lincoln? He was a Southern sympathizer
Created by: Mrs.Nicholson