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History Ch. 11 Vocab


legal order for an inquiry to determine if a person has been lawfully imprisoned habeas corpus
the act of wearing down by constant harassment or attack attrition
one of the best senior officers in the US Army, resigned his position to lead the Confederacy, from Virginia Robert E. Lee
required people to enter military service conscription
aka Peace Democrats, opposed the war and wanted to negotiate and reunite the states Copperheads
ministers James Mason and John Slidell
attempt by the South to get support for the war Trent Affair
military strategy by the North to attack the South Anaconda plan
given as a reward to encourage enlistment in the Army bounty
ships that run through a blockade to smuggle goods through a protected area blockade runner
one of the most effective commanders in the Confederate army - nicknamed after the Battle of Bull Run "Stonewall" Jackson
Union Commander - decided to retreat at Bull Run Irwin McDowell
veteran of the War of 1812 and the War with Mexico, commanded 42 Union warships - became a hero for the North David G. Farragut
Union General - victories at Gettysburg and Vicksburg Ulysses S. Grant
led the Union army in the east George B. McClellan
decree freeing all slaves Emancipation Proclamation
1st African American regiments officially recognized; fought near Charleston Harbor - lost nearly half of their soldiers 54th Massachusetts
1st female physician in the US, started the nation's 1st training program for nurses Elizabeth Blackwell
organization that provided medical assistance and supplies to Army camps and hospitals United States Sanitary Commission
commandant at Andersonville Prison Camp - the only person executed for war crimes during the Civil War Henry Wirz
battlefield nurse Clara Barton
to search or raid for food forage
military blockade of a city or fortified place to force it to surrender siege
ordered by Grant to distract Confederate troops so Grant could move troops into position to take Vicksburg Benjamin Grierson
hired by Lincoln when McClellan was fired to lead the Union Army Ambrose Burnside
hired to lead the Union Army, to defeat Lee, when Burnside was fired Joseph Hooker
attack by the South ordered by Lee, assault by 15,000 men under George Pickett and A.P. Hill, resulted in 7,000 casualties in less than 30 minutes for South Picketts Charge
ordered by Grant to attack Confederates - Battle of Chattanooga - led destructive raids through the state of GA William Tecumseh Sherman
to loot or plunder pillage
authorization to act...given to a representative mandate
ordered by Grant to raid Richmond, VA Philip Sheridan
nickname given to the destruction, by Gen. Sherman, of the roads and railways that led to Atlanta Sherman Neckties
path of destruction through GA, destroyed homes, crops, and livestock, led by Gen Sherman March to the Sea
banned slavery 13th ammendment
place where Lee surrendered to Grant - Civil War ended Appomattox Courthouse
assassinated Lincoln John Wilkes Booth
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