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Unit 5: Cold War Era

Cold War Study Stack Part 1

What is the definition of the Cold War? A war between nations and leaders that use words, beliefs, and ideas instead of weapons.
How was the U.S. involved with the Cold War? A rivalry between the U.S. and the Soviet Union after WWII because the Soviet Union wanted to spread communism. The U.S. wanted to stop world-wide spread of communism.
What is communism? Communism is the government that controls businesses and properties of citizens. There are NO personal freedoms allowed.
Describe the U.S. after WWII. The U.S. exited the war as a superpower nation along with the Soviet Union. These two countries were the most successful in WWII.
What is NATO? A military alliance between the nations of Western Europe, U.S. and Canada. These countries agreed to help each other if ever attacked by the Soviet Union.
What is McCarthyism? The act of accusing a politician of being disloyal to the government WITHOUT having any proof.
Which term used by Winston Churchill was used to describe how the Soviet Union divided Europe into communist and non-communist countries. Iron Curtain
How did daily life change during the 1950s? Education became very important. Many Americans began to use credit cards, TVs and radios more often.
How did new technologies change life for Americans during the 1950s? Many families wanted to buy new homes. Industries could focus on producing consumer goods instead of war. Rationing of food and supplies ended.
What were three (3) reasons Americans moved to suburbs after WWII? 1. The G.I. Bill offered low cost home loans to veterans. 2. Automobiles were safer and reliable. 3. Highways made commutes easier.
What organization contained 50+ nations of the world that promoted world peace? The United Nations
What was the purpose of the Berlin Wall being built? The wall was built by the Soviets to separate the communist East from the non-communist West Berlin.
When was the Berlin Wall built? 1961
When was the Berlin Wall destroyed? 1989
What did the destruction of the Berlin Wall symbolize? The destruction of the Berlin Wall symoblized the collapse of communism and the an end of the Cold War.
What motivated the U.S. to enter the Space Race? The Soviets successfully launched Sputnik 1 and had the first Astronaut to enter outer space before any other country in the world.
What was President John F. Kennedy's goal in the Space Race? Kennedy wanted to America to be the first country to put a man on the moon.
What is "Red Scare?" A term used to describe the action against anyone who was suspected of being a communist.
Who was Joseph McCarthy? A U.S. Senator of the 1950s who scared many Americans into thinking that there were secret communists working within our U.S. government that needed to be stopped.
What was McCarthy's involvement with the Red Scare? McCarthy used mass media to spread fear into Americans about secret communist spies working in the U.S. government.
What group of members did McCarthy accuse of helping communists take over China's government? U.S. State Department
What was the Cuban Missile Crisis? This crisis was the peak of the Cold War. Soviets housed their missiles in Cuba and President Kennedy ordered the missiles to be removed.
What events lead to the Korean War? Korea was divided into two parts after WWII North Korea invaded South Korea wanting to force South Korea into communism.
How was the U.S. involved with the Korean War? The U.S. didn't tolerate bullying countries and helped South Korea to defend their country from becoming a communist country.
Why did the Vietnam War begin? The South Vietnam government refused to obey with a peace agreement that asked for presidential elections. South Vietnam feared that their country would be forced into communism by North Vietnam.
How was the U.S. involved with the Vietnam War? The U.S. joined to help South Vietnam defend their country from communism.
Why was U.S. president John F. Kennedy concerned about the missiles in Cuba? Cuba is only 90 miles from Florida and those missiles could easily harm Americans from that close of a distance.
How did the beliefs of the U.S. and the Soviet Union begin the Cold War? The Soviet Union believed in world wide communism and the U.S. believed in personal freedoms.
When was the Korean War? 1950-1953
What do you call a person or a country that attacks another without reason? Aggressor
What is an arms race? A race between countries to build more and better weapons than the enemy.
What is capitalism? An economic system in which farms, factories, and other properties are privately owned.
What does it mean to commute? To travel often between home, work and school.
What is a democracy? a kind of government where all people have the same rights and can choose their own leaders.
What term was used by Winston Churchill, British Prime minister, to describe the division of communist and non-communist countries in Europe? Iron Curtain
Who was the 35th U.S. President? John F. Kennedy
Who was the 33rd U.S. President? Harry Truman
Who was the 32nd U.S. President? Franklin D. Roosevelt
Who was the 34th U.S. President? Dwight D. Eisenhower
What is an "aggressor?" a person our country that attacks another without reason
Created by: portiavjohnson
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