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cnc1 chapter 6

impeachment presidents or any other federal government elected or high ranking appointed official can be removed from office
express powers Powers grants reprieves amnesty and pardons not impeachment, appoints top officials, convenes congress into special sessions. Administrative head of the nation, commander in chief of the military, gives information to congress on state of union, pushes ow
implied powers authority claimed by the president is not clearly specified in the Constitution force congress and the courts to agree with power or restrict it, executive orders: presidential directives that create or modify laws and public policies without the direct a
delegated powers Congress gives to the executive branch additional authority for new problem- fdr and the new deal; nixons’ wage and price changes , congress can pass legislation to reassert authority- war powers act
executive power clause Clause presidents have inferred the power to issue executive orders and claim executive privilege, and have thereby added a considerable amount of power to the office
executive orders Orders declarations issued by a president that relate to the organization of the federal bureaucracy, the execution of federal legislation, and the enforcement of federal court decisions. They do not require the approval of Congress, but they can be rule
executive privilege Privilege the act of withholding information from congressional, judicial, or public scrutiny.
veto rejecting a bill or legislation
state of the union address it to set the legislative agenda in terms of domestic, foreign, and economic policy
Senate Confirmation Hearings Hearings the approval of 2/3s of the senators present of a presidential nominee
Pardons the exoneration of both the crime and the associated penalty
Reprieve the exoneration of the penalty associated with a crime, but not of the crime itself
Amnesty a pardon that is issued to a group of people who are not in compliance with the law
Diplomatic Powers gives the president the ability to enter into treaties with foreign nations, but he must obtain the consent of two-thirds of voting senators.
Ratification formal and legally binding approval
executive agreements agreements with foreign nations Executive agreements do not require congressional approval.
head of state presidents generally seek to convey the fundamental values associated with the Constitution and American political life.
war powers resolution Resolution an attempt to limit the power of presidents to enter into military engagements without congressional approval. The resolution articulated the circumstances under which our military could be deployed without a formal declaration of war and requ
globalization the president must respond to international issues and crises
What are the constitutional qualifications to become President? Us born citizen, 35years lived in us for 14 years
Which Amendment limited the number of terms a President could serve? Why? 22nd because Roosevelt served 4 terms
What qualifies a President for impeachment? treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors
Which Amendment establishes the line of succession for the Presidency? 25th Amendment
What are the different kinds of Presidential powers? Express, implied, diplomatic
What are two types of Management styles of Presidents? The pyramid delegates down Reagan, wheel in charge of staff carter
When is Executive Privilege allowed by the Courts? When there is a valid need for protection of communications between high government officials and those who advise and assist them in the performance of their manifold duties
What are the powers of the Vice-President? Will take over if the president is killed or impeached, carries out political chores, president of the senate
How much has the Federal Executive Branch grown? ? From 3 executive departments and 50 federal employees not 15 executive department and 2.6 million federal employees more laws and crises more money, more employees new deal law
What changed in the Federal Government during the New Deal? ? President began to recommend the budget and many new laws in the state of the union; new deal laws increased the power and scope of the federal government; new welfare laws, social security law,
How do Presidents and Political Parties depend on each other? To get voters to vote, to political party depends on the president to enforce the party’s platform and support other party candidates the president is the party leader/ first time government gave money to state government
How does the President use the Media? Appeals directly to the public through press conferences, public events, town hall meetings, weekly radio address; president can circumvent congress and appeal directly to voters, going public, gets voters to put pressure on congress for president
How do global markets, global communications, and nuclear warfare impact the Presidency? The president is expected to have the answers quickly and have a solution to any problems anywhere in the world
What are some areas where Congress has delegated powers to the President? foreign affairs, budgetary politics, and economic policy, and determining the shape and character of economic stimulus programs.
What's the average number of vetoes and veto overrides? 20 vetoes 1 override
What is Neustadt's theory of the 'power to persuade'? ? the power to persuade is the power to bargain. Can persuade when public popularity is high. President wants to mobilize public support, presidents pay close attention to their standing in public opinion polls
Explain two dimensions and four presidential personalities of Barber's theory? Active positive,--thomas Jefferson, harry Truman, kennedy, clinton passive positive-james Madison, William taft, Ronald reagan, active negative—john adams, Woodrow Wilson, Nixon, johnson, passive negative. George Washington, collidge, eisenhower
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