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History 1301 (3)

Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo Was signed on Feb. 1848. The U.S. got Texas, New Mexico, and California for $15 million.
John Fremont While Mexico was tied up, John Fremont declared independence.
Mexican War Polk sought to provoke with Mexico to gain territory. Sent John Slidell to negotiate about Texas border then sent Zachary Taylor to lead band of troops to blockade Rio Grande. After 6 months, shots are fired, Polk seeks and gets declaration of war.
USS Princeton incident USS Princeton was a warship. -- Feb. 1844: Tyler, other politicians were among elite group invited aboard ship for a cruise on Potomac River and demo of its new cannon, the Peacemaker. -- While Tyler was below deck, cannon exploded, killing 6 p
Fort Laramie Treaty
Manifest Destiny God given right to expand west.
Utopian experiments
Seneca Falls Convention
Catharine Beecher
Cult of domesticity
Dorothea Dix
Temperance movement
Cherokee Constitution
Emerson and Thoreau
Nullification controversy and compromise
Brigham Young
The bank war
Joseph Smith
Panic of 1819
Second Great Awakening
Peggy Eaton affair
“Rational religion” movements
Spoils system
Clara Barton
The corrupt bargain
Crawford Williamson Long
Era of Good Feelings
John Mercer Langston
Nationalist Diplomacy
Charles Goodyear
McCulloch vs. Maryland
Elias Howe
Missouri Compromise When Missouri south to get in the Union, there were 22 states - 11 free, 11 slave. Missouri came in as a slave state and Maine a free state. NO MORE SLAVES STATES ALLOWED NORTH OF MISSOURI'S SOUTHERN BORDER.
Levi Strauss
Stages of American economic development
Samuel F.B. Morse
The American System Promoted by Henry Clay. Called for: 1. High tariffs. 2. High prices for federal lands with the money being given to the states for internal improvements. 3. Strong national bank to regulate the money supply.
Cyrus McCormick
Cumberland Road
Jesse Hawley
Treaty of Ghent
Robert Fulton
Battle of New Orleans
Eli Whitney
War of 1812 causes and results New prez James Madison faces same decision later, but leads U.S. into war. -- War with England started because of communications lag. British finally withdrew Orders in Council, but news didn’t arrive until after U.S. declared war. -- U.S. cited
War of 1812 causes and results
John Ross
Chesapeake incident U.S. vessel sailing off Va. was fired upon by British vessel called the Leopard. -- British seized two British deserters from U.S. ship, took them to Canada. -- Some Americans called for war, but Jefferson didn’t have a military force.
Elias Boudinot
John Ridge
Major Ridge
Continental System
Trail of Tears
Orders in Council
Worcester vs. Georgia
Lewis and Clark
Indian Removal Act
Louisiana Purchase
Georgia’s conflict with Cherokees
Marbury vs. Madison Case established judicial review: Supreme Court could rule whether a law was constitutional.
Northwest Ordinance Banned slavery in the NW, but no such policy existed for states formed from Louisiana Territory.
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