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S.S.- French & In. Q

French and Indian War Quiz- Wednesday, April 10th, 2013

Name 4 causes -British wants more land, fur, lumber; -British and French cannot get along; -No clear boarder
Fighting broke out in ____. 1754
Scuffles between france and brittan in the ____ _____ ______ triggered the open shots of the war ohio river valley
What happens at fort Dukane? Washington & troops go to create a fort, but the french already have fort Dukane. They make Necessidy, but then get pushed back.
_______ goes to the French's fort, but gets killed after 5 horses do. Brattic
The British ask Iriquois to come to ______ to _____ ________. They talk about unity. They only join if the British seem to win Albany, fight together
____ from England heads for the war w/ more soldiers. What happens then? The Iriquois then join
Americans got more __________ experience
What is the Treaty of Paris 1763? All land goes to British from Mtns to mississippi.
What is the result of the Treaty of Paris 1763? ends the war
What happens to france? lose land up to the east of the mississippi
spain lost _______ to the British Florida
France gave Spain land southwest of the mississippi
Though England won ____. they have spent __ and now want _________ to ___. land, $$, colonists, pay
Following the Treaty, King George III issues the Royal Proclamation Line of 1763:(What is it, what happens??) No colonists west of the Mtns- try to prevent colonists and Natives fighting, which costs $$.
What was the British thinking? angry at colonists, but france has no power!! we're the best...
What were Britain's Indian Allies thinking? Helped the British win...we got land we deserved
What were the American colonists thinking? Angry that they dont get access to the land they were fighting for, and end up having to b taxed
Created by: bml9913