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cnc1 chapter 13

CNC1 chapter 13

Interest group group work at the grassroots level to educate voters, raise money, and increase awareness.
private interests those interests that benefit individuals or select groups without benefiting the whole those interests that benefit the whole as opposed to benefiting a select group of private interests.
public interests those interests that benefit the whole as opposed to benefiting a select group of private interests.
lobbying political activity that aims to influence government policymaking. Those who engage in lobbying are known as lobbyists.
PAC's organization established by individuals or private groups with the aim of raising money to contribute to candidates for elective office. Pacs are regulated by the federal election commission
Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act (BCRA) placed additional regulations on the financing of political campaigns, interest groups have been particularly useful to campaigns through their financial sponsorship of political advertising. On television, radio, and the Internet, interest groups broadca
527 organizations organizations established by individuals or private groups with the aim of raising money to contribute to candidates for elective office. tax-exempt and largely unregulated by the federal government. They are permitted by law to engage in only issue advoc
Electioneering political activity that aims to impact the outcome of an election.
Watchdogs Watchdogs groups that are organized to monitor government activity and educate the public on various aspects of the political process, including candidate compliance with campaign finance laws, policy proposals and legislative voting behavior, and bureau
Collective action problem and free riders a situation faced by groups attempting to coordinate the activities and efforts of membership. The groups goals are best achieved if everyone participates but the interests of each individual member are best served by free riding or relying on the effort
solidary benefits social advantages such as networking friendship and community that come from working with others toward a common goal.
purposive benefits the gratification that comes from working toward a worthy cause or desired policy goal
Interest group entrepreneur an individual who attempts to organize people with shared interests to take collective action
What is the difference between interest groups and political parties? interest groups in the U.S. are relatively small and typically organized around a discrete set of issues. While parties structure the institutions of government, such as the committee system in Congress, interest groups petition government as outsiders.
What are the types of interest groups? Private interests and public interests
What is the primary function of lobbying? provide current and meaningful information to government officials
How may the judicial branch be impacted by the lobbying of interest groups? pressuring Congress over judicial appointments. When the Senate considers presidential nominations to the bench, interests groups rally to support or oppose the candidates. They often attempt to provide convincing background information on the character a
What are some informal ways that interest groups influence policy development? ? we see interest groups sponsoring grassroots efforts at voter registration, education, and mobilization. Many groups keep track of the voting records of individual members of Congress on select issues (see Figure 2). They then highlight these scores in
How do interest groups hold policy makers accountable for their activities? ? By harnessing public support for their cause, interest groups can often attract the attention of policymakers. They do this by providing information to the public. Many groups use websites or printed literature to help inform and educate citizens to mak
Describe the three types of benefits derived from joining interest groups Offer solidary benefits, offer purposive benefits, offer material benefits
How does socioeconomic status affect interest group membership? a threatening disturbance, socioeconomic status, and leadership—help to explain why interest groups do or do not form.
Describe three advantages of interest group politics 1. Interest groups pressure government for change. 2.Interest groups provide valuable resources and expertise on complex policy issues for political decision-makers and the general public. 3. Interest groups represent the policy preferences of minority s
Describe three disadvantages of interest group politics 1. Interest groups encourage conflict. 2. Interest groups can slow down the policymaking process and sometimes obstruct policy action altogether. 3. Interest groups overemphasize minority interests to the neglect of majority preferences.
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