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starr chapter 6

pre american revoultion

What did loyalists believe? That americans should be loyal subjects of the king.
What did patriots believe? That americans should be self governed.
What is the significance of the battle of bunker hill That the patriots could beat the worlds best army.
Who was Thomas Paine? what did he write? what was the significance of his writings? A patriot. he wrote common sense. it encouraged the soldiers.
Explain the significance of the date 1776. It was the year the founding fathers signed the Declaration of Independence.
Who was Thomas Jefferson and his contributions to the nation? He was the third president of the United States of America. He wrote the Declaration of Independence.
Define and give examples of unalienable rights. Rights that cannot be taken away. Life liberty and pursuit of happiness.
Who was king george the third? The King of England at the time of the revolution.
Explain the Sugar act. what was the colonial response? It taxed sugar and molasses. They were unhappy about this new tax.
Explain the stamp act. What was the colonial response? It was placed a tax on paper. They protested this by not using paper.
who was patrick henry? Quote his famous speech. A representative in the Virginia House of Burgesses."If this be treason, make the most of it!"
What was the significance of Samuel Adams? He led the protest of the Townshend Acts. He was a founder of the Sons of Liberty.
Why are Lexington and Concord important ? They were the first battles of the revolutionary war.
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