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Chapter 15 txhistory

Chapter 15 Texas History Notes :)

Blockade to isolate a particular enemy area (as a harbor) by a warring nation using troops or warships to prevent the passage of supplies and people
conscription the forced enrollment of people into military service
homespun a coarse, loosely woven, homemade fabric
ordinance a local law
perpetual continuing forever
preventive strike an action taken to prevent a possible future attack
quinine a drug used for fighting malaria and other fevers
secede withdraw
sovereignty the state of being free from outside control; self-governing
states' rights the position that the federal government should not interfere with the states’ exercise of their constitutional powers
Unionists a person who supported the Union cause during the Civil War era
vigilante a member of a volunteer committee organized to punish criminals
What were the 4 issues they disagreed on? tariffs states' rights slavery distribution of public lands
where did slavery used to exist? Northern states
What did the northerners want to impose? high tariff, a homestead act, and internal improvements
More than how many Texans joined the Confederacy? 60,000
Created by: andreaharper