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WGU Amendments

Stack #123801

1. Political Process Rights freddom of religion, speech, press, assembly, and protest
2. militia/guns state militias or individual right to arms
3. quartering no forced housing of military
4. search and seizure requires warrants for searches
5. criminal rights grand juries and due process; protection from self-incrimination, double jeopardy, and taking property w/out compensation
6. court procedures speedy public trials; to be informed of charges, confront witnessess, issue subpoenas, have counsel
7. trial by jury jury trials in civil cases if crime is over $20
8. bail/punishment prevents excessive bail, curel and unusual punishment
9. other rights other non-enumerated rights guaranteed
10. other powers non-enumerated powers guaranteed to the states or the people
11 Limits the power of the national government in suits against the states
12 revised electoral college procedure to provide for election of Pres and Vice Pres
13 outlawed slavery
14 made ex-slaves citizens, applied due process to the states, equal protection clause, limite representation in congress
15 right to vote regardless of race, color, or previous condition of servitude
16 federal income tax
17 direct election of US Senators
18 prohibited the maufacture or sale of liquor in th US
19 women's right to vote
20 emergency presidential sucession plan, moved terms of office for excitove and legislative branches to January
21 Repealed the 18th amendment, ending prohibition
22 limits presidents to two term
23 right to vote for citizens in District of Columbia
24 prohibits poll taxes for federal elections
25 revised the presidential disability and succession process
26 lowered voting age to 18
27 Delayed the effect of congressional pay raises until an election of Representatives has occurred.
Created by: KristinaA