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French: Flotsam and Jetsam - Continuez à parler!

tant pis! too bad!
bonne chance! good luck!
attention! be careful!
calme-toi! calm down!
tiens bon! hang in there!
ça alors! wow!
au secours! help!
écoute! listen! hey!
ça suffit! that's enough!
ça dépend it depends
au contraire on the contrary
allez! oh, come on!
tu plaisantes? you're kidding!
quelle affaire! what a nightmare!
quelle horreur! how awful! good grief!
quelle drôle idée! what a strange idea!
quelle galère! what a pain!
quelle histoire! what a palaver!
quelle aventure! what an experience!
quelle barbe! what a drang!
quelle surprise! what a surprise!
quel dommage! what a shame!
quel plaisir! what a pleasure!
plus lentement, s'il vous plaît slower, please
comment? pardon?
pardon excuse me
si, bien sûr yes, of course
exactement exactly
c'est ça! that's it!
comme tu veux whatever you want
d'accord OK
oh! wow! ooh! whoa!
bah! whatever! yeah right!
plaf! bam! whack!
oop! oops!
miam! yum!
bêh! yuck!
uh! ugh!
eh! hey!
eh? okay?
vraiment/c'est vrai? really?
tu rigoles? seriously?
et après? what happened next?
pas possible! fancy that!
un truc a thingmajig
Machin Thingy
Monsieur Untel Mr So-and-so
que je sache as far as I know
tu sais you know?
n'est pas? no?
Created by: bettsbubbles