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Progressive Era

What was the time period for the Progressive Era? 189ld lab0-1920
What was the goal of the Progressive Era? To change the bad things in society
What were the themes of the Progressive Era? Democracy, Temperance, Suffrage, Workers' Rights, Conservation, Economic Progressivism, Racial Progressivism
What was the purpose of the temperance movement? To make drinking alcohol illegal.
The movement to protect America's natural resources is called what? Conservation
In regard to democracy, what does recall mean? The right of the people to remove a politician by a vote of the people.
What is a referendum? Letting the people vote on a proposed law.
What are two good democratic things that came out of the Progressive Era? The secret ballot and direct election of senators.
What are two good things that came from economic progressivism? Minimum wage and meat inspection
Name one bad thing that came from economic progressivism: Income tax
Women's suffrage means what? The right of women to vote.
What good things came from workers' rights during the Progressive Era? Safer work conditions, child labor laws, length of the work day.
The NAACP was created during the Progressive Era. What do the letters stand for? National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
Jim Crow laws were bad for African Americans but the Progressives said they were okay because they were: Separate but equal facilities
Unfortunately, the Progressives believed in eugenics which believed in a white master race. How did American eugenics movement try to create a white master race? By forcefully sterilizing the poor, epileptics, the insane, the mentally challenged and people of color against their will.
Name two presidents during the Progressive Era. Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson
Woodrow Wilson signed a law prohibiting what? Child labor laws
Woodrow Wilson successfully led the US to victory in what war? WW I
Name one other good thing Wilson did? 8 hour work day for railway workers and women's right to work in 1920
What did Wilson believe about the Constitution? He believed it was a living thing and could be changed based on what was going on in society at the time.
As governor of New Jersey, what did Wilson pass? A forced sterilization law
What did Wilson make a felony while he was President? Inter-marriage between blacks and whites
What did Wilson feel was the cause of "every evil in the country." Giving blacks the right to vote
What was the name of the racist movie Wilson showed at the White House? Birth of a Nation
What was the effect of the movie Birth of a Nation on the US? It started the KKK up again and it came back bigger than ever before.
Teddy Roosevelt became the youngest President at age 42 when this President was assassinated: William McKinley.
Name one national park Teddy Roosevelt established. Crater Lake
What was the name of the act/law that allowed Roosevelt and later other Presidents to name historic locations and structures as national monuments? The Antiquities Act
What do you call someone who believes in extending his/her nation’s rule over other countries or territories with military force? Imperialist
What kind of tax law did Roosevelt establish? Inheritance/death tax
What is it called when someone tries to make citizens hate corporations and wealthy people? Class warfare
Name one other bad thing Roosevelt did or believed in. Eugenics
Upton Sinclair wrote a book during the Progressive Era called the Jungle. It helped create regulations to do what? To improve the way meat factories were run.
How did the Teddy Bear get its name? It got its name because Roosevelt refused to shoot a cub tied to a tree.
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