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US Government-Ponca2

Executive Branch

Power in the United States government is divided among 3 branches
Impeachment charges are started by the House of Representatives
Presiding Officer of the Senate is The Vice President
The Current Vice President of the United States is Joe Biden
The current President of the United States is Barack Obama
The Executive Branch's job is to Carries out the laws
The electoral college was established by the Constitutional Convention because The founding fathers wanted to keep the common people form making a mistake.
The president of the United States does not have the power to ________ Declare War
The President of the United States may negotiate treaties, appoint judges, and veto bills.
The person who takes the Presidents place if he or she is unable to serve a full term is Vice President
All appointments suggested by the president to the Supreme Court must be approved by the Senate
The Executive Branch checks (or controls) the legislative branch by vetoing laws
The legislative branch checks the executive branch by passing laws over a veto with 2/3 vote...
Treason is aiding to the enemies of your country.
Some cabinet departments appointed by the president State, Education, Media
Example of a Government Corporation US Postal Service
Qualifications for the president are found in Article II (2)
If the President is associated with the military his heading would be Commander in Chief
Treaties negotiated by the President must be approved by the Senate
Presides over the impeachment trial of a president Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
____________________ appoints justices of the Supreme Court President
A person actually becomes president When he or she takes the Oath of Office on January 20
Day of the Presidential election First Tuesday after the First MOnday in November every 4 years
A president must be Born in the United States 35 years old 14 yr resident
_____________ were the two presidents who have gone thru the impeachment process Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton
_________________ was the only president to resign from office due to evidence against him prior to a impeachment charges brought against him Richard Nixon
Nebraska has ________________ members of the electoral college 3 Representatives, 2 Senators so they have 5 votes in the Electoral College
How many 4yr terms can a president serve? 2 - 4 yr terms
Created by: Carnell
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