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History WW1 Note's

Mr.Strader's Middle School Class- Production notes on WW1 and the era.

Corsicana- First significant oil reserve discovered First significant oil reserve discovered
East Texas and Gulf Coast- Most of the oil/gas discovered between 1900-1940
Spindletop- First oil boom in Texas 1901
West Texas- Where most of the oil strikes were in the 1920s
Great Depression- Brought on by overproduction and Stock Market crash
Overproduction and what it caused- Too much produced causing prices to fall –government had to regulate
Lusitania- British ship with Americans aboard-Germans sank it-cause of WW1
Zimmerman Telegram- Sent by Germany to Mexico-promised to help get Mexican land back-cause of WW1
How Depression affected Texans- Did not suffer as much in the beginning-Few invested in Stock Market-few industrial workers- already poor before Depression
Dust Bowl- Drought brought on by over-plowing and no rain
Columbus M. Joiner- discovered oil reserve in East Texas which was largest in world as of 1930
Anthony Lucas- hit oil at Spindletop
Francisco “Pancho” Villa- general in Mexican Revolution-became angry at the U.S. for recognizing his opponent
FDR- U.S. President who introduced the New Deal to bring the U.S. out of Depression
Center for oil companies?- Houston Correct sequence- Spindletop, WW1, Stock Market crash, Dust Bowl
Boom- Time of good economy causing boom towns when oil discovered
Derrick- framework over an oil well to support drilling equipment
Geologist- scientist-studies origin/history of earth
Wildcatter- person who drills for oil in an area not known for oil
Allies WW1- Great Britain-France-Russia
Central Powers WW1- Germany-Austria-Hungary-Ottoman Empire
New Deal- FDRs plan to get the U.S. out of the Great Depression
WPA- program putting people to work during the Depression that built and improved buildings
Black Tuesday Oct 29,1929- Stock Market Crash
FDIC- created to regulate banks, keeping people from losing money
Created by: PikeMiddleSchool