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2013 History

Professor O

Which things is the industrial revolution associated with? Iron & steel production; urbanization; change in agriculture
Which inventions came out of the industrial revolution? Trains, steam powered ships, cotton gin
What classes evolved out of it? Elites Middle Class Factory Workers Skilled Semi-Skilled Unskilled
Where did industrialization begin? Great Britain
Where did industrialization begin in America? The North
What are the 5 building blocks of industrialization? Natural resources Population Capital Technology/science Colonial experience
Enclosure acts are and do what? The authorization of the enclosure of fences, walls, hedges, etc. of the old common lands and unfenced open fields. Land was transformed from public access to a strict regime of private ownership and individual management
The machine in the garden is what? Developed by? Alexander Hamilton the concept of Machine in the Garden: an idea that the benefits manufacturing could co-exist with the ideal of agriculture
9. The East Indian Company is set up to do what? Handle the profitable trade with India
10. Sutee is? Widow burning
11. The Sepoy rebellion occurred why and is known as? A huge revolt by Hindus & Muslims working for British that almost wiped them out of India
12. The Government of India Act does? It gave the British governmental control over India
13. How many Opium wars were there and they began why? 2; began because Zeux destroyed over 20,000 cargo of opiums
14. Taiping rebellion occurred why? Opium issues and the influx of western traditions on Chinese ideas
15. Hong Xiuquan does, and is known for? He calls himself the “younger brother of jesus”. “Led the Chinese people back to God”
17. What does James Watts invent? Steam powered engine
18. What does Eli Whitney invent? Cotton gin
19. The Trail of Tears is? Largest forced migration in history. Over 70,000 Native Americans forced to move across the Mississippi after the Indian Removal Act of 1830 was passed by Anthony Hamilton
20. The Indian Removal Act of 1830 does? Forced Native Americans to move across the Mississippi
21. What does the 13th amendment do? Freed African American slaves
22. The Monroe Doctrine (1823) does? Justifies imperialism in the Caribeans, central, & south America: western hemisphere was no longer open for colonization, political system of Americas was different from Europe, US would regard any interference in the Western hemisphere affairs as a threa
23. McKinley Tariff (1890): does? Allows all foreign sugar into the US without taxes which puts Hawaii in competition forcing them lower their prices
24. The Spanish American war is also known as? The Splendid Little War
25. How is the USS Maine involved in the war? It was believed that the Spanish had attack the US Maine ship
26. Teller Amendment: does? guarantee Cuba its independence after the war
27. Treaty of Paris (1898): does? Spanish signs over Puerto Rico, Cuba, & Guam. US buys the Philippines for $20
28. Platt Amendment does? States that Cuba is not allowed to make treaties with any country that may threatens its independence
29. The Filipino-American War (1899-1901): began over? Why did U.S want it? When the US brought the Philippines from the Spaniards, the natives shift the attacks on the Spanish to Americans in their pursuit of Independence. The US wanted the Philippines as an entrance to Asia
30. The Foraker Act (1900): does? Established the governing structure for Puerto Rico, a colonial administration was set up, the US president appointed most officials, from the governor to the justice of the islands supreme court. Puerto Ricans enjoyed the limited democracy, electing memb
31. Jones Act (1917): does Passed on the eve of World War I, the Puerto Ricans won US citizenship. They were granted a popularly elected legislature
32. The Roosevelt Corollary (outcome) to the Monroe Doctrine (1904) says? Theodore Roosevelt became president in 1901 after Mckinley was assassinated. He had been Mckinleys’ vice president With this policy he warned people in Latin America that the United States would intervene in their politics if wanted to
33. Panama Canal issue- who wanted to build, and how did it come about? US wanted the canal. Americans joined sides with the Panamian people rather than the government in a revolt. Revolt was successful allowing US building of the canal
34. War of 1000 days is about? An ideology war between the liberals and conservatives in Colombia. Eventually, the Panamians rise up and US troops go in to restore order
1. This manifesto objects to whose imperialist rule and in what country? Objects to British imperial rule in India
2. At the time the manifesto is written, what is going on in India? India was consumed by a massive armed rebellion against the British control that is known as the “Indian Mutiny” or “Sepoy Uprising”
3. This manifesto lists five sections with modifications which is intended to do what? Sought to unite different groups within Indiansociety: Muslims, Hindus, Sepoys, Zemindars (landowners), merchants, public servants, artisans, political leaders (Pundits), & mystical religious leaders (Fakirs)
1. How long did Linda Brent lay hidden in her nook? Seven years
2. Why was she hesitant to go North to a free state? She didn’t want to leave her son Benny
1. What is meant by America’s big stick? Intervening preemptively to keep European powers out if the Western Hemisphere whil also securing America’s military, economic, & political influence in Latin America
2. Who is responsible for the saying ‘Speak softly and carry a big stick’? Roosevelt
3. What is the Monroe Doctrine? A doctrine in 1823 which stated European colonization of Americas was officially over
1. Summarize the incident in this article, how does the U.S newspapers minimize what actually happened? The newspaper extolled and magnified the “heroism” and “gallantry”; lamented on the loss of the fifteen who perished; & elaborated on the wounds of the thirty-two men injured after the slaying of 600 Filipinos
2. What is the purpose behind this article? Sarcastically criticize America victory over the Philippines
1. Who is the author of this article? W.E.B Du Bois
2. What was it published in? The Crisis
3. What does the article say America does after the soldiers return from war? They return fighting. Fighting for democracy in their own land
1. What events/ moves led to Marcus Garvey becoming such a national figure in America? Soldiers returning home from World War I & The Harlem Renaissance
1. Children of white German women and black soldiers were called what which means what? Schwarzze Schande (Black shame)
2. Blacks in Germany were often referred to as? Rhineland Bastards
1. This article appears in which magazine and the article is written by? The Nation, author Charles Hamilton Houston
2. What is Charles Hamilton advocating? The treatment of African American men and women in the military and demands that the United States live up to the ideals it invoked when it entered World War II
Created by: ANelson87
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