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Biochem1Final NWHSU

Biochem 1 Final NWHSU

A buffer is most effective when PH=? PH=pKa
What is used for color development of amino acids after separation by paper chromatography? ninhydrin
The biuret reaction measures protein concentration by forming a colored complex between copper and _______? Peptide bonds
Hydrolysis of Lactose yields what two sugars? Galactose and Glucose
In the clinistix test, glucose is: reduced or oxidized? Oxidized
Which reagent forms a blue color with starch: Benedicts, DCPIP, Clinistix,Iodine Reagent Iodine Reagent
Which of the following reagents contain CuSO4, Na2CO3 and sodium citrate: Benedicts, Seiliwanoff's, Drabkin's, Clinistix Benedicts
Glycohemoglobin has a smaller positive charge than "normal" hemoglobin? True or false True
Benedicts test is useful in determining: reducing sugars, keto sugars, aldo sugars, or starch? Reducing sugars
Which of the following is a ketose? Glucose, Ribose, Galactose, Fructose Fructose
An indicator of uncontrolled diabetes would be ____ glycohemoglobin leves and ____ serum glucose levels? High, high
Which of the following fatty acids are saturated:arachidonic acid, oleic acid, linoleic acid, stearic acid Stearic acid
Created by: T1NWHSU