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history quiz unit 3

Washington Arms Limitation Conference reduce size in military world and restrict weapons allowed to have. limited number of battleships that nations could have
Col. Billy Mitchell pilot from WWI. thought future of military power was in the air. Japanese paid more attention to him and realized that aircraft carriers would soon replace battleships. predicted pearl harbor
the "monkey trial" in Tennessee over evolution because it was outlawed in schools (scopes and darrow)
John T. Scopes high school bio teacher arrested for teaching biology, found guilty
Clarence Darrow Chicago lawyer who represented Scopes free of charge, controversial, also Leopold Leob case lawyer who tried to save them from the death penalty
William Jennings Bryan star witness for prosecution for monkey trial, expert on bible, died two days after
Inherit the wind movie based off of monkey trial
Leopold Loeb Case Chicago, murderers and kidnappers of a kid (Bobby franks), done for a thrill, ransom was paid but they killed him and dumped body in a park
Charles Lindberg "Lone Eagle" ideal american hero pilot, flew across atlantic ocean
"the spirit of st. louis" airplane that Lindberg flew and tour after
Calvin Coolidge Hardings VP, thought the business of America shouldn't be regulated by government "Silent Cow" wins 1924 election
Herbert Hoover wins 1928, self made millionare and quaker "a chicken in every pot and two cars in every garage"
Al Smith Hoover's opponent in 1928, "happy Warrior" reformer and progressive in views, first catholic of a major party and was against prohibition
stock market Bull (stocks rising) Bear (stocks declining) market, buy low sell high success stories
buying on the margin make a down payment on stock
stock market crash black tuesday, people withdrew their money
Hoover's response to stock market crash self-reliance is key, work hard, "prosperity is right around the corner", help businesses not individuals
cash bonus veterans of WWI were promised this but hoover said it couldn't be given then
Hoovervilles towns with shacks made of cardboard and sheets
Bonus army nickname from media for veterans wanting bonus
Hoover blankets newspapers that people without shelter who slept outside would use for warmth
hoover hogs rabbits that people would eat
hoover flags if a man had his pockets turned inside out to show that he was broke
election of 1932 hoover vs. FDR, FDR wins
FDR had polio and couldn't walk
the new deal put cards in and deal a new hand to everyone 3Rs
20th amendment changes election date of presidents, presidents inaugurated on January 20th
21st amendment ends prohibition, repeals 18th amendment
nothing to fear speech FDRs inaugural address "nothing to fear but fear itself" 3R's relief recovery reform
the "brain trust" roosevelts team of advisors and smart people who will give the president ideas for fighting the depression
Keynesian economics John Maynard Keynes, pump priming- must spend money to get economy working again.
deficit spending spending money you don't have by borrowing or creating it, no more gold standard
NRA national recovery administration, compiled regulations for all kinds of businesses and put price controls in place
alphabet agencies all agencies created under the new deal
FDIC Federal deposit insurance corporation, if bank should collapse the fed government will assume responsibility for paying you back money in that bank
HOLC home owners loan corporation, provided low interest loans for people to avoid foreclosure on properties
CCC Civilian Conservation Core, work on conservation projects like trails in forests, dams in streams, environmental projects
WPA works progress administration, civic projects like sidewalks, roads, buildings, artwork, history
PWA Public Works Administration, specialized in school buildings
REA Rural Electrification Agency, put electricity in buildings and communities
TVA Tennessee Valley Authority, dammed TN river to generate electricity and create lakes
Fireside chats FDR's radio talks
Huey P. Long "the kingfish" FDR critic, believed in sharing the wealth, intended to be president, assassinated
Father Charles Coughlin FDR critic, radio personality, thought new deal wasn't radical enough, defended hitler got in trouble with church
Dr. Francis Townshend MD, FDR critic, proposal that everyone over the age of 60 in US should be given a monthly check from government of 200$
Social Security Act created old age pension
Election of 1936 FDR vs. Alf Landon (says new deal is socialism) biggest landslide
Literary Digest magazine that predicted presidential results correct for 4 elections but said that Landon would win
Schecter v. US Schecter was a chicken farmer that was shut down "sick chicken case" supreme court voted in favor of Schecter and said NRA was unconstitutional
The "court packing" scheme fdr said that every justice that was old needed help so that he could add more supreme court justices in his favor, didn't work
the "dust bowl" natural disaster in southern planes, drought and bad farming techniques, topsoil was blown very far, some of the land is still sterile
Adolf Hitler "der fueher" from austria but fought for german army in WWI, was a spy
Nazi party NSDAP, hitler was determined to be their leader
Hitler powerful, motivational speaker, beer hall revolution, arrested for treason, eventually runs for president for Nazi party but loses, gets job as chancellor
"mein kamph" book hitler wrote in prison, laid out his plan for germany, idea of le bensraum
le bensraum living space
Aryan german blue eyed blonde hair was the superior perfect human being
Brown Shirts SA, hitler's supporters who were veterans from WWI who couldn'd find jobs after the war
Hindenburg 80 yr old man who won to Hitler but dies shortly
Ernst Roehm SA brown shirts leader
the night of the long knives Hitler sends out his most trusted body guards (SS) and picked out 3000 enemies to the revolution and killed them including Roehm
Benito Mussolini "il duce" dictator of italy, promised Italy a return to glory, strict father figure who returned the country to order
Fascists political party that argued for the need of a very strong individual leader and the belief that democracy was bad. believed individual is worthless except for how well he can serve the state
Isolationism idea to take care of problems at home and not get involved in foreign affairs, americans had this idea
italy invades ethiopia attacks country with machine guns, air force, tanks while Ethiopia has spears
Hitler seizes Austria no bloodshed
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