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Struggle for N.A.

Ch. 10 Spanish in the North America Lesson 1

mission a settlement where missionaries live and work self contained city
Don Juan Onate born in Mexico and was one of the last conquistadors to search for gold in the Southwest
Antonio de Otermin Spanish governor who put 47 Pueblo leaders in jail
Pope Pueblo religious leader who believed the Spanish should leave
Diego de Vargas Spanish military leader who convinced 23 Pueblo villages to return to Spanish rule
Junipero Serra Spanish missionary leader he founded San Diego the first California mission
St. Augustine the first Spanish settlement in what is now the USA (Oldest city in the USA)
New Mexico in 1595 King Phillip III allowed this settlement to be built
Santa Fe in 1609 New Mexico's capital built by Don Juan de Onate
El Camino Real means the "royal road" it connected the Spanish colonies in the Southwest and Mexico
Texas settled in 1680 and was built to keep French explorers and traders out of the area
San Antonio a city in Texas became known as "the Alamo chain"
California Junipero Serra walked from Mexico to this present day state on the west coast of the USA
San Diego the first Spanish mission in California
San Francisco the farthest north of the Spanish missions in California
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