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tes 5th les animaux

TES 5th les animaux

Cet animal dit "meow, meow" le chat
Cet animal est vert est dit "ribbit", "ribbit" la grenouille
We eat this animal on Thanksgiving le dindon
Cet animal est blanc et noir et habite (lives in) l'Antartic le pingouin
You say this when you play "duck, duck, ????" l'oie
We get cheese from "la vache" and also this animal le chèvre
This animal lays eggs la poule
This animals hops and has a pouch; lives in Australia le kangourou
This animal lives in the desert and doesn't drink much water - has humps le chameau
This animal is huge, grey and very devoted to family l'éléphant
Kind of like a horse only more stubborn. l'âne
This animal swings from branches and eats a lot of bananas. le singe
In Maine we have black ones - in Alaska, they're white (Polar) l'ours
This animal hops and is the symbol of Easter le lapin
This animal has black stripes and is FEROCIOUS! le tigre
This animal has black stripes and is like a horse le zèbre
This animal lives in its "house" and walks S-L-O-W-L-Y la tortue
This female animal is where we get milk la vache
This animal is where we get bacon from le cochon
LONG, LONG neck le girafe
Dislikes red and is kind of like a cow. Big fights in southern France and in Spain - GRUESOME le taureau
They say "woof" le chien
Created by: lfineman