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Soc Studies~Chapter 7

What is the port city of Maryland? Baltimore
What is the port city of Virginia? Norfolk
What is the port city of North Carolina? Wilmington
What is the port city of South Carolina? Charles Town
What is the port city of Georgia? Savannah
Where did the original colony of Carolina stretch from? It stretched from Virginia to Spanish Florida
What did the word "back country" mean? The back country is land "in back of" the area already settled by the Europeans. People began to settle there.
What was the back country also called? the Piedmont
What was the Piedmont? the land between the coastal plain and the Appalachian Mountains.
Where was the first settlement for free Africans? in Spanish Florida
Who helped found Georgia for debtors? James Oglethorpe
Who founded the Maryland Colony to give Catholics a safe place to worship? He named the port city after himself. Lord Baltimore
What was the Toleration Act? The Toleration Act allowed religious freedom to all Christians in the Maryland Colony.
Where did most enslaved workers work? on plantations in the Southern Colonies
What was the main cash crop in the NORTHERN areas of the Southern Colonies? Tobacco
What was the main cash crop in the SOUTHERN areas of the Southern Colonies? Rice
What does a broker do? A broker buys and sells a colonist's goods for them in England.
Name three ways that Africans dealt with the hardships in their lives. *They would rebel against slavery by breaking tools, pretending to be sick & working slowly. *They kept their culture alive by telling stories and singing songs about Africa. *Christianity also became a source of strength for some enslaved Africans.
Why did conflicts develop when Southern Colonists settled in Native Americans' land? *Colonists destroyed some villages. *Some colonists did not treat the Native Americans justly. *Some colonists captured Native Americans and sold them into slavery. *Many Native Americans died from European diseases.
Created by: Mdankese