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History Q4-1

Roaring 20's

Bolshevik Revolution After the Bolsheviks won their revolution, Russia became a communist nation called the United Soviet Socialist Republic (USSR)
Fear in the US Was that communishm might come to the US and there would be a revolution here
Transportation (Automobile) Made easier, faster, cheaper and more efficient
Urbanization When small towns start to appear on the outskirts of cities (Gorham for example) due to automobile
Private Life/Social Life People could attend more social gatherings and have private meetings
Changes for Women - Work More Opportunities
Changes for Women - Inventions Made life easier for women - Washer, Drier, Vacuum Cleaner, etc
Changes for Women - Reality Check Women still couldnt get the best jobs and they got paid less than men
Entertainment in the 1920's and 30's - Radio New invention - provides news, weather, entertainment, and sports
Entertainment in the 1920's and 30's - Sports Gave people a chance to get away from the depression
Jim Thorpe Greatest athlete of the century - gold medal winner in decathlon, pro football player, basketball, football, and track star
Created by: rford1