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ohs ch 14

totalitarianism a theory of government in which a single party or leade3r controls the economic, social, and cultural lives of its people
anti-sematic prejudiced
Spanish Civil War a war within Spain in which fascists won
appeasement a policy of granting concessions to a potential enemy in the hope that it will maintain peace
Anschluss union between Germany and Austria
Munich Pact the agreement reached at the conference between Great Britain and Germany
blitzkrieg lightning war
Axis Powers Germany, Italy, and Japan
Allies USA, Great Britain, USSR, and France
Neutrality Act of 1939 included a cash-and-carry provision
Tripartite Pact the pact that joined the axis powers
Lend-Lease Act the right for FDR to sell, transfer title to, exchange, lease, lend or otherwise dispose of, to any such government any defense article
Atlantic Charter a document that endorsed national self-determination and an international system of general security
WAC womens army corps
Bataan Death March when soldiers were captured and were sent on a march and more than 7000 troops died
Battle of Coral Sea a victorious win for America
unconditional surrender giving up completely without any concessions
saturation bombing for maximum damage
strategic bombing destroy Germanys capacity to make war
Tuskegee Airmen AA group of escorting planes
Battle of Midway A battle between US and Japan in the Midway islands
Executive Order 8802 assured fair hiring practices in any job funded with government money and established the Fair Employment Practices Comittee to enforce these requirements
bracero program bringing laborers from Mexico to work on American farms
internment temporary imprisonment of a specific group
Korematsu v. United States The case of when Japanese tried to uphold their rights
442nd Regimental Combat Team became the most decorated unit in WWII
rationing limiting food
OWI office of war information
D-Day When allie powers started to gain back control of France by coming up a beach
Battle of the Bulge a counterattack in which the Germans took several key towns from the allies
island hopping Going from on island to the next
kamikaze courageous suicide pilot
Manhattan Project a program to develope the atomic bomb
Holocaust a period in which many Jews were killed and tortured
anti-Semitism hate against Jews
Nuremberg Laws denied German citizenship to Jews
Krestallnacht night of broken glass
genocide wiping out an entire race
concetration camp small space with many people
death camp area for killing large masses of people
War Refugee Board saved thousands of Eastern European Jews
Yalta Conference when the big three agreed that Poland, Bulgaria, and Romania would hod free elections
superpower elite countries
GATT General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade
United Nations an organization that would succeed where the League of Nations had failed
Universal Declaration of Human Rights The declaration upholds human rights
Geneva Convention an international agreement governing the humane treatment of wounded soldiers and prisoners of war
Nuremberg Trials when Allies prosecuted Nazis for war crimes
Pearl Harbor U.S. military base that the Japanese attacked
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