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Civil Rights Intro

Flashcards for tomorrows quiz on the beginning of the civil rights movement

What does segregation mean? A separation of the racial classes--through social, cultural and overall lifestyle means.
Define "discrimination." A prejudice against a group of people that results in unfair treatment.
What are civil rights? Enforceable, personal rights given to citizens through their country's laws. In the US, modern civil rights now include the right to vote, equality and freedom of speech.
Explain the term, "separate but equal." It is a term of the US legal doctrine that was in effect in the early twentieth century that justified segregation as long as black institutions were equal to white institutions (i.e.: schools)
What was the case, Brown versus Board of Education of Topeka about? It was a US Supreme Court case that questioned segregation between white and black public schools. It was ruled that schools need to be desegregated, though it was a slow process.
What was the case, Plessy versus Ferguson about? This was a US Supreme court case that reinforced the state laws of segregation between the racial classes and upheld the notion of "separate but equal" facilities
Explain the Civil Rights Movement. A series of social movements in post-war US (1946-1968) that aimed for equality and to outlaw racial discrimination, most notably between white and black Americans.
Define the NAACP. The civil rights organization titled the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.
Name three ways that black and white schools were separate, but not equal. Schools were not equal in many ways, including there were fewer black schools than white schools, black schools had a lack of funding, unkempt conditions, and a lack of school resources/materials.
Why are civil rights important to a country's citizens? There are varying answers as to why civil rights are important--draw references from your text to create an answer of at least three sentences.
Created by: Swhite82