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pqp/cdp 3rd packet m

MDIHS fr4 pqp/cdp fall 2016

If I had seen (voir) Si j'avais vu
If we had known (savoir) Si nous avions su
If she had left (partir) Si elle était partie (note conj. with être)
If you (plural) had put (mettre) Si vous aviez mis
If he had done (faire) S'il avait fait
If they (all women) had gone (aller) Si elles étaient allées
If I had come (venir) Si j'étais venu/venue
We would have done (faire) Nous aurions fait
You (singular) would have had (avoir) Tu aurais eu
They (men and women) would have put/placed (mettre) Nous aurions mis
I would have danced. (danser) J'aurais dansé
They would have smoked. (fumer) Ils auraient fumé
If she hadn't gotten drunk (s'enivrer) Si elle ne s'était pas enivrée
They would have stayed home (rester à la maison) Ils seraient restés à la maison
If you had seen (voir) ME (don't even think about putting "moi" for "me" !!!!! ;-) Si tu m'avais vu
If you (plural) had seen (voir) HER (don't even think about putting "elle" in for "her" !!!!! Si vous l'aviez vue
I would have said (dire) something (quelque chose) J'aurais dit quelque chose.
If we had gotten up (se lever - REFLEXIVE!!) Si nous nous étions levés.
If you had arrived (arriver) on time (à l'heure).... Si tu étais arrivé à l'heure
If you hadn't lost your paper Si tu n'avais pas perdu ta feuille de papier
I would not have been (être) angry Je n'aurais pas été fâché
What TWO types of verbs use "être" in all of these constructs? VANDERTRAMP (yellow sign above board) AND ALL reflexives, which have "se" or "s' " in the infinitive (e.g. se coucher)
If the baby had gone to bed (se coucher) Si le bébé s'était couché
What are the conditional forms of "être" serais, serais, serait, serions, seriez, seraient
What are the imparfait forms of "avoir" avais, avais, avait, avions, aviez, avaient
What are the imparfait forms of "être" étais, étais, était, étions, étiez, étaient
If we'd won (gagner) Si nous avions gagné
What is the PP of all verbs ending in "er"? é
What is the PP of REGULAR verbs ending in "ir"? i
What is the PP of REGULAR verbs ending in "re"? u
If you had gone THERE (thing "flag") -- NO "là" in this - sorry, gang. Si tu y étais allé
They would have gone Ils seraient allés
You (plural) would have come back (use "rentrer" for "come back") Vous seriez rentrés
If you (singular) had driven.... (conduire) Si tu avais conduit
If you had told me (use a direct object for "me") Si tu m'avais dit OR si vous m'aviez ditIf
If I had drunk it (use a direct object for "it") Si je l'avais bu
She would have run faster Elle aurait couru plus vite
Created by: lfineman