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western civilization

The western Experience CH 4-7

Caesar established his fame as a general by conquering what? Gaul
______ was Cesar's most able subordinate. Upon the assassination of Cesar, he believed himself to be the rightful heir, later on Marrys Cleopatra. Mark Anthony
Represented oligarchy or the ruler of a few Roman Senate
In 500 B. C Rome transformed from a monarchy into a __________ with a solid constitution Republic
______ flows through a large valley, fertilizing the valley. Po River
Runs Diagonally across Italy, Dividing land into sections. Apennines Mountains
Trojan's hero who reached Italy after the Trojan War. Aeneas
Who laid the basis of roman, dominated Rome from 625-509B.C, traded with Phoenicians and Greeks and passed the Greek alphabet to the Romans? Etruscan
2 Military officers, with 1 Year term Consuls
Authority surpassed the consuls - term less than 6 months Dictator
Another name for the senate Elder states man
Consists of all adult mall citizens Assemblies
__________ was elected by Assembly of the centuries. Consuls
Another name for the army is the_______? Centuries.
Power to command troops to execute any other assignments they receive from senate? Imperium
"SPQR" stands for? Senate and Roman People
These people are 5% of Rome - had most power - only ones able to take office - only way to become is if both parents were born as a __________? Patricians
These people are 95% of Rome - fight for rights - struggle of orders - able to elect two men called Tribunes? Plebeians
Goes from 2 - 10 people, the only had a say couldn't act - Veto Power Tribunes
_____________ was 12 wooden tablets Publication of a code of law
Plebeians first victory - licinus and sextius made a bill that reserved one consulship every year to a plebians named? Linciniah- sextain Laws
___________ was an expert in Roman History Polybius
Invasions by the gauls Po Valley
The ________ _____________ Treatment Varied Some get full citizenship others get partial (couldnt vote) Allied states (150 of them) Roman Federation
____________ was the leading naval power in the western Mediterranean? Carthage
________ started when Romans sent a force to assist the town of messana - Rome won the war in 241. 1st Punic War
__________ most critical - Carthaginian had Hannibal on its side. Hannibal led his army from Spain to Italy in the snow. - had 37 elephants - won in B.C @ cannae 2 Punic War
__________ Marcus Cato led Rome destroyed Carthage - pored salt on soil to destroy crops, by 133 B.C roman had most of Spain 3rd Punic War
____________ promised his father that he would make the Romans pay for everything. Hannibal
Just dont fight if you cant win. Fabian attack-ins
150 B.c _______ was the only empire, which controlled from London too Baghdad Roman
Punchit pilot - wealthy people paid for everyone's taxes then sent someone into the city to collect money for taxes. Tax collecting -
Tried to pass the " land distributions program" Tiberius Gracchus
wanted to limit the power of the senate, set price limit for food and pass " land distributions program" Gaius Gracchus
Tried to make his family's name look good, become a new "man" also notice not enough people were fighting tin the war. told everyone that if they joined they would get food, land, money. Marius
Stated everyone should be a citizen which would give them the right to vote. - was later murder to death. Marcus livius drusus
Proposed everything that the Gracchus brothers and marcus and and Drusus worked for and added that the age limit should be put into control. Sulla / Sulla's reforms
This person did not care about how he got power, only cared that he had the power. took both sides of everything. Pompey
8th Riches man ever, "Fire Man" bought houses about to burn down, Marcus Liinius
Julius Caesar Crassus Pompey -Made up this group______ The First triumvirate
____________ invaded Italy Julius Caesar
______________ was killed in the theater of Pompey by the senate. Julius Caesar
Mark Antony Octavian - Nerd Marcus Lepidus - Controlled the army The Second triumvirate
Senate went from 300 people to _____ people, giving each person less power. 900
________ was Augustus wife's son, who became emperor after Augustus died. Tiberius
_____ was the death of nerva Flavian
__________ was Nerva successor? Trajan
__________ was Trajan successor? Hadrian
____________ built the Hadrian's wall while emperor. This wall separated Britain from Scotland and was 30-40 miles long Hadrian
________ was the center of life, most people lived here. the city
_________________ was the first city to have 1 million people. Rome
The wealthier people move to the ____________? Subros
_______________ grew what they were best at then trade with others, when Rome fell apart the had to go back to growing everything. Provinces
IN 476 B.C ___ fell apart Rome
Romans were great engineers, they came up with __________ which is still used today. Concrete for roads
___________ was the first Christianity to be emperor? Constantine
____________ stops the killing of Christians while emperor? Constantine
______________ finds: Spear of Dynasty The Cross Jesus Tomb Constantine mother
___________ had stirrups, which allowed them to stand on a horse while riding and shoot their bow arrows. Huns
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