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Herbert Hoover In charge of food administration, cut down on waste and rationed food.
Propaganda Use of posters, newspapers, movies to get the message out: “A lean garbage can “ Clean your plate.” “ Food will win the war.”
Special Days Wheatless- Mondays and Weds Meatless- Tuesdays Porkless- Thursdays and Sat
Victory Gardens People were encouraged to plant gardens to grow their own food. Farm production rose 25%.
Fuel Rationing Coal production increased 40%. People encouraged drive less.
Special Days Heatless Monday’s lightless nights.
Daylight savings time Put an extra hour on the evening by moving your clock ahead 1 hr.
Bond Drive- People were asked to buy war bonds= victory bonds.
Taxes Raised to help pay for war. Double the income tax.
Wilson issues his 14 points- - Point 14 to form a League of Nations.
Espionage Act 1917 - $10.000 fine, up to 20 yrs in prison for anyone interfering with the draft, or encouraging disloyalty.
Sedition Act of 1917 - Anyone who wrote criticism of the government.
Selective Service Act of 1917- - all men between the ages of 21-30 must register for the draft. Later moved to 18-45 yrs. In 18 months we had an army of 4 million men.
Women- For the first time women admitted to the armed forces. 11, 000 will join the Navy.
Gen. John “Balck Jack”
Bolshevik Revolution in Russia- Lenin and his communist take over the government. Lenin takes Russia out of the war. German soldiers move to the Western Front.
Desperate needs for American Troops- Spring 1918 German soldiers now out number allies.
The Race for France- the cry went out for American troops: Save France from the Germans.
Troops- We would land 1.7 million men—this would tip the balance.
Eddie Rickenbacker First American Ace. Shot down 22 planes “The Red Barron” German ace, painted his plane red.
Turning point of the War The Second battle of The Marne July 15, 1918. Hermans launch a massive attack on Paris, but in three days lose steam.
Counter attack by Foch- This major counter attck pushes the Germans back and Then Pershing forms an Independent American Army under his control and atacks with over ½ million men. Germans are over whelmed by this display of manpower. We capture 16,000 men in 3 days.
Meuse Argonne battle the largest American offensive in the war. Would last from Sept until Nov 11, 1918
Hindenburg Line Broken- Over 1 million men involved. This line protected Germany. Hindenburg tells Berlin the could only hold for 48hrs. “Ask for Peace”
German goverement changes- aske for peace based on Wilson’s 14pts.
Kaiser Wilhelm abdicated Nov 8th- Flees German. Goes to Holland.
Armistice- Nov 11, 1918 @ 11 a.m. The war will come to an end!!!
Peace Conference- The Treaty -The Big Four- David Lloyd George- England Geroge Clemenceau- France Vittorio Orlando- italy Woodrow Wilson- U.S.A
War Guilt Germany had to admit they caused the war & pay $33 billion in reparations.
Alsace - Lorrain- would go to France.
German colonies Mostly in Africa taken away.
Saar Basin Given to France for 15 years: then the people would vote whether to return to Germany or not.
League of Nations We would call it the United Nations. To Solve problems between nations without war.
Senate divided Henry Cabot Lodge- the senate votes NO! on the treaty.
Vote on the treaty -voted down twice One with reservations and once without them. We never sign his treaty.
Spanish Flu In the spring of 1918, lasted one year. 22 million people would die worldwide. ½ million in the U.S.
Economy- BOOM! People had money and wanted the good things in life. Move into the 20’s “Roaring”
Racial Problems Summer of 1919: The summer of riots.
The Red Scare The fear that communism would spread to the U.S. 249 people deported back to Russia.
Sacco and Vanzetti Accused of payroll robbery and murder. The judge was biased; they were electrocuted.
Election of 1920 Republicans- Harding and Coolidge Democrats- Cox and Franklin D. Roosevelt.
Campaign 1920 The 19th Amendment gave women the right to vote. This would be the first election.
Results 1920 Harding had a front porch campaign like Mckinley.
Administration of harding 1920- 1923 Ranking tie for 37 out of 39, Next to last place failure.
League of nations U.S not a member
Isolation U.S didn’t want to be part of the world’s problems. Leave us alone.
Veteran’s bureau- Charles Forbes 200 million that was to go to the veteran’s hospitals disappeared.
Albert Fall (scandal) Sec of the Interior sold or leased to the Navy control of the reserves. He received 400, 000 in “Loans.”
Edwin Doheny (Scandal) Sec of Navy Sold the oil to Sinclair oil. Fall got a year in jail, Doheny acquitted.
Harding’s vacation and death while on a speaking and fishing trip to Alaska, Harding gets food poisoning. Seems to get better, but dies in San Francisco. Great public grief; people didn’t know of the scandals.
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