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True or false the Indus River brings water and silt that makes farming possible. True
True or false the Indus River begins in the Himalayas and crosses desert-like plains before it reaches the Arabian Sea. True
True or False farmers began planting crops in the Indus Valley 1,000 years before farming began in Egypt. True
True or False wildlife helped crops in the Indus Valley because they were able to germinate plants. False
True or False farmers built irrigation canals to bring water from the river to their crops. True
Where does the Indus River have its source? The Indus River gets its source from the Himalaya mountains.
Why does the Indus flood the plain? Spring rain and winter snow makes the Indus flood the plain.
Which of the Indus farmer's crops did they use? Chili peppers, wheat, barley, beans, sesame seeds, rice, bananas, and black pepper mustard.
What did they use to make clothes? Cotton
What animals did the Indus farmers domesticate and what did they use them for? They domesticated cattle and water buffalo that pulled their plows an wagons, making it possible to plow larger fields.
What challenges did the Indus farmers have to face? Floods that destroyed fields and villages, wild animals, and birds that ate their plants.
How did the Indus farmers protect their crops? They protected their crops with slings and clays of balls. They also built walls to protect them from floods.
What irrigation methods did the Indus Valley farmers use? They used irrigation canals to bring water from river to their crops.
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