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APUSH AoC v. Const

APUSH Articles of Confederation vs. The Constitution

Who dissented from the Puritans and followed Roger Williams to Rhode Island? Anne Hutchinson
What were the greatest killers in Virginia during the 1660s? Epidemic diseases like typhoid fever and malaria
What did the Northwest Ordinance do? Forbade slavery, permitted citizens to make their own legislature and make their own laws, permitted citizens to write a state constitution and to apply to congress for admission as a new state
What did the term "republican" imply for most leaders of the American revolution? Virtuous leaders elected for their superior talents and commitment to the public
The greatest legislative achievement under the Articles of Confederation was the establishment of? A system for orderly settlement of the West
What was the purpose of the British mercantilism policy in the colonies? to exploit colonial resources for the benefit of Britain
What was the argument of the anti-federalists? The constitution lacked a bill of rights
The principal motivation for drafting the Bill of rights was the desire to? Protect rights not specified in the constitution
President Washington's Neutrality Proclamation of 1793 was issued in response to? French diplomatic overtures to invoke the Franco-American Alliance
As originally ratified, the United States Constitution provided for a Electoral College
The financial programs of Alexander Hamilton included all of the following Funding of the national debt, imposition of a tax on distilled liquor, establishment of the Bank of the United States, assumption of all state debts
How did the British government react to the colonial opposition to the Stamp Act It revoked the act but affirmed parliamentary power to legislate for the colonies in all cases
The Tea Act angered American colonists because it Granted the East India Company a virtual monopoly on the tea trade
The American victory at Yorktown Induced Great Britain to negotiate an end to the Revolutionary war
The concept of "republican motherhood" emerged after what? The American revolution, 1775-1783
The headright system did what? Enabled wealthy property owners to acquire more land by paying the passage of indentured servants
The Annapolis convention succeeded in what? convincing confederation leaders to call a constitutional convention
The intent of the Alien and Sedition acts what to do what? Weaken the opponents of John Adams
The Federalist Papers were what? Essays written to win support for the ratification of the constitution
Secretary of treasury Alexander Hamilton supported the passage of the Assumption Act because it did what? Enabled the federal government to tax states in order to repay debts accumulated during the revolutionary war
George Washington said that we should do what with alliances in his farewell address? discourage them
The Constitutional convention of 1787 did what? Created a government and established a balance of power between three branches of government
The concept of Republican motherhood includes the idea that women should be educated to raise their children to be good citizens
Why did the southern states vote for Hamilton's plan to assume state debts? Northerner representatives agreed to transfer the federal capital from Phillidelphia to a location on the Potomac river in Virginia
What was the strongest argument against Hamilton's bank of the United States? The constitution had given congress no specific authorization to issue charters of incorporation
What did the Whiskey rebellion demonstrate? That dissent could be expressed only through the constitutional system of laws and elections, not through armed rebellion
How did the United State Government respond to France's declaration of war on Britain in 1793? It proclaimed neutrality
How did the United States gain unrestricted access to the Mississippi River and New Orleans? By negotiating the Pinckney Treaty with Spain
Who won the 1796 election? John Adams
What was the XYZ affair? It was an effort by the French to get the US to pay a bribe before they would negotiate
Who did the US fight in the Quasi-War? France
In Alexander Hamilton's report on the Subject of Manufactures, what reason did he give to support manufacturing He believed it would create a more diversified and prosperous economy
In the late 18th century, what did many americans think about political parties? Political parties were factions and inherently corrupt
What was the key issue at the Constitutional Convention? How to balance the conflicting interests of small and large states
The Great compromise, finally agreed to by the Constitutional Congress, provided that there would be representation based on population in the House of representatives and equal representation of all states in the senate
Shay's rebellion did what? Convinced political leaders of the necessity of giving more power to the central government
Who was in Washington's cabinet? Alexander Hamilton, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Henry Knox
What did Americans do in response to the Proclamation of 1763? American colonies moved west, defying the proclamation
Created by: adrienne97