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APUSH Path to rev.

APUSH Path to the Revolutionary War

Britain's relationship with its colonies was based on mercantilism the theory that Wealth is power, and the colonies could be used to enrich the mother country
Americans responded to Britain's many new taxes in the 1760s with the line, "No taxation without representation" What did this line mean exactly? That Americans wanted to have representatives in Parliament before they would accept tax legislation passed there
Which protest against the stamp act was most effective in ultimately securing its repeal? Nonimportation agreements
How did George Washington start the global war in 1754 that would later become known as the French and Indian War in the colonies and the seven years war in Europe? Washington's men killed a French Military Leader on the outskirts of Fort Duguesne
The Proclamation of 1763 Prohibited the colonists from settling beyond the Appalachians
What did Parliament hope to accomplish with the sugar act in 1733? Cut off American trade with the French West Indies
The Zenger case is significant for Establishing the freedom of the press
Early college education in New England was designed to Prepare young men to become ministers
What groups immigrated in great numbers in the early 1700s? Germans and Scotts
The primary purpose of the stamp act was to raise revenues to support the British troops stationed in America
By the time of the American revolution, most patriots had come to believe that, in republican government, sovereignty was located in the people
The North American colonies took advantage of Great Britain's policy of salutary neglect to Work out trade arrangements to acquire needed products from other countries
Before 1492, many American Indian cultures were strongly influenced by the Spread of corn cultivation
Which of the following colonies required each community of 50 or more families to provide a teacher of reading and writing? Massachusetts
British colonists in North America objected to the stamp act primarily because it taxed them without their consent
After the French and Indian war, British political leaders were determined to require the North American colonies to pay a greater share of the empire's administrative expenses
Mercantilism as applied by Britain to its North American colonies meant that the British government regulated colonial shipping and tobacco production
The slaves who participated in the Stono rebellion in South Carolina in 1739 hoped to flee to Florida where the Spanish offered freedom
What was the result of the Albany Plan of 1754? It served as a model for more revolutionary congresses of the 1770s
The Declaratory Act of 1766 Stated that Parliament had the power to make laws that were binding on all the colonists
Parliament passed the Coercive or Intolerable Acts in response to the Boston tea party
One colony that did not support official churches was? Rhode Island
In April 1775, "the shot heard around the world" occurred at Lexington when British soldiers clashed with colonial minutemen. The reason that General Gage dispatched troops to Lexington and Concord was to? Arrest radical leaders and seize stockpiled weapons
Which of the following statements is true about John Rolfe and his impact upon the economic development of colonial North America? He experimented with tobacco cultivation, which soon became a profitable export
The Boston tea party had what cause? Parliaments efforts to improve the profits of the British East India Company
The French and Indian war created conflict between the British and American military because British officers treated the american colonial militia with contempt
One of the advantages the colonist enjoyed in the impending conflict with Great Britain was Fighting defensively on a large, agriculturally self-sufficient continent
Jamestown, the first permanent English settlement in the New World, was founded by Joint stock company anxious to return a profit to investors
What is a religious characteristic of colonial Pennsylvania is? No established churches
Non-importation is? America refusing to purchase goods from Britain after the stamp act
What were the writs of assistance? General search warrants
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