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APUSH Early Colonies

What was true of married woman in the colonial era? She generally lost control of her property when she married.
In the seventeenth century, what was true of slavery in British North America? The number of slaves increased rapidly in the last quarter of the century.
What was true of the Northeast American Indians at the time European first began colonization? Their political and linguistic differences hindered their united opposition to the Europeans.
Settlers who established the British colony in Virginia during the seventeenth century were primarily seeking to? Profit economically
Liberty of conscience was defended by Roger Williams on the grounds of what? The state was an improper and ineffectual agency in matters of the spirit.
By the end of the seventeenth century what was true of women in New England? They were a majority in church congregations
A majority of the early English migrants to the Chesapeake Bay area were what? Indentured Servants
What was the typical lay-out of a town in colonial New England? Life was centered in clustered village with farmland surrounding villages
Anne Hutchinson was banished from the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1637 because she did what? Challenged the religious beliefs of the colony's leaders
What was a result of Bacon's rebellion in 1676? Tensions between back-country farmers and the tidewater gentry were exposed
Which one of the three colonial regions was most supportive of public education and why? The New England colonies because they thought that the ability to read and understand the teachings in the Bible were a personal responsibility
The first important cash crop in the American colonies was what? tobacco
Colleges and universities during the colonial period were dedicated primarily to the training of? Ministers
The Puritans believed that the freedom to practice religion should be extended to Puritans only
What most accurately describes the system of indentured service in the Chesapeake settlement during the seventeenth century? Most indentured servants were lured by the promise of freedom upon the completion of their service
What was a colony that was founded as a haven for Catholics? Maryland
In the seventeenth century, the Great Migration refers to the... Settlement of the Puritans in Massachusetts Bay
Who is associated with the "Noble Experiment"? William Penn
The headright system.... gave 50 scres of land to anyone who would pay passage to Virginia
The Region that had the longest life expectancy was? New England Colonies
The region that attracted the most diverse colonists was? Middle Colonies
The region in which most of the labor was done by indentured servants was? Southern Colonies
Two colonies that practiced religious tolerance in colonial America were Rhode Island and Pennsylvania
New England town meetings and the House of Burgesses in colonial America were Steps in the development of democracy for the colonies
The Mayflower Compact can best be described as ? A promise to establish self-government that would abide by the will of the majority
John Winthrop's vision of Massachusetts as the "city upon the hill" was his hope that the colony Would serve as a model society that combined the religious tenets of Calvinism in guiding government
The biggest reason that Europeans were able to overpower inhabitants in the New World was the Lack of healthy tribal populations
Which of the following imperial powers originally settled the Hudson River Valley? Holland (Dutch)
French immigrants to the new world tended to inhabit Canada
John Winthrop is associated with which colony? Massachusetts Bay Colony
Indentured Servants were usually Persons who voluntarily bound themselves to labor for a set number of years in return for transportation to the colonies
What is true about John Rolfe and his impact upon the economic development of colonial North America? He experimented with tobacco cultivation, which soon became a profitable export
William Penn Founded a colony that extended a significant degree of religious toleration
After bacon's rebellion, what did southern labor do? It moved away from indentured servants and began to rely more on African Slaves.
Which North American colony was intended to serve a penal colony for debtors? Georgia
What were the major staple crops in the southern colonies during the late 17th century? Tobacco, rice, and indigo
Which early colonial trial is most associated with the first amendment's idea of freedom of the press? The trial of John Zenger
Created by: adrienne97