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EOCA US History

Review for EOCA in US History

Where did the Industrial Revolution begin? in England
Where were textile factories built? in the Northeast
Why were textile factories built in the northeast? seaports were there
Who did the Industrial Revolution cause employers to hire due to lack of workers? women, children, and immigrants
How did factory goods compare to hand-made goods? cheaper and faster to produce
What grew because factories grew? cities
What happened because cities grew? there were higher populations
How did the economy change with the Industrial Revolution? moved from self-sufficient farm economy (growing food)to market economy (buying food)
What happened as a result of the cotton gin? an increased need for slavery because cotton was more profitable
What were the benefits of trains? pull greater loads, go anywhere, and used all year
What was the disadvantage of trains? dangerous
What did Eli Whitney use to mass produce muskets? interchangeable parts
Which regions produced raw materials for northern factories? southern and western
What did the Industrial Revolution cause because of a need to get goods to market? Transportation Revolution
What was the result of the Transportation Revolution? steam engines for ships, more and better roads, and the development of canals to connect waterways
What type of apartments, often inhabited by immigrants, were found in crowded city slums? tenements
What type of working conditions were found in city slums? dirty and unsafe
What happened when immigrants came from other countries looking for jobs? cities grew
Is the belief that the U.S. had the right to spred democracy from coast to coast. Many Indians were killed as a result Manifest Destiny
saw jim bowie, william Travis and Davy Crockett, the famous mountain man die where they were outnumbered by the mexicans and deafeated The Battle of the Alamo
got its independence and later became a state after the deafeat of Santa Ana the mexican dictator Texas
what were the route used by pioneers and wagons to get west Sata Fe Trail, Mormon Trail, and Oregon Trail
were seeking religous freedom when they came to thee great salt lake, vthey were led by vrigham young but joseph smith started the religion the mormons
were al forms of communication between east and west telegraph, pony express, an clipper ships
border dispute down thee rio grande led to which war the war with mexico
the traty of gualaupe hidalgo ended the war and gave the U.S. the area known as what California
discovered gold by accident in california near Sutter's Fort James Marshall
saw more people lose everything, however, store keepers made the most during this era California Gold Rush
believedd slavery was sinful against all american principles (people against slavery) Abolitionists
Who was the abolitionist, who was a former slave, who talked President Lincoln into freeing the slaves? Frederick Douglass
What novel writwn by harriet beacher stowe made northerrners aware of the evils of slavery. Uncle Tom's Cabin
What Supreme Court decision was important because it stated slaves were still property of the owner even if they lived in a free state? The Dred Scott Decision
Who led a raid at Harpers Ferry that incrasedd southerners suspicions of the norrtherners and helped this guy become an abolitionists' hero when he was hung? John Brown
What freedom, which meant states could make their own decisions (including leaving) the Union, made the South think it was okay to secede? State's Rights
What means to decide if states want slavery or not? Popular Sovernity
Who were Sojourner Truth and Harriett Tubman? Abolitionists with the Underground Railroad
What part of the Compromise of 1850 said it was illegal to help runaway slaves and made northerners upset with the South? Fugitive Slave Act
Before the Civil War how did the South feel about the North? politically and economically overwhelmed
Where were the first shots of the civil war? Fort Sumter
What was the Union goal in the civil war? to free the slaves
What proclamation fred the slaves? Emancipation Proclamation
who wrote the emancipation proclammation? Abraham Lincoln
After Lincoln waselected, many southern states did what? seceded from the union
What were three advantages of the South during the war? Home field advantage, fighting for independence, and better generals
Who did not want to end slavery at first but stopped its spread to new territories? President Lincoln
Who was offered commanad of the union? Robert E. Lee
Why did Robert E. Lee turn it down because he was from a southern state? virgina
What did the North and South do to force soldiers to fight in the war? draft
what started because the country was running out of money for the war? Income Tax
Who was Lincoln's last and most seccessful genral for the war for the North? Genral Grant
Who was Lincoln genral nicknamed lil mac who was replaced by genral grant? Genral McClellan
What did the South not have enough of in the Civil war? money, food, and weapons
Where did the south surrender to the North on April 9, 1865? Appomattox Courthouse in Virgina
What happened to president lincoln after the war in Ford's theather? Assainated by John Wilkes Booth
Who became the 17th president? Andrew Johnson (vice president)
What did Johnson, the new Southern president from tennessee begin to rebuild the country? Reconstruction
What did the North have that helped win the war? More factories, soldiers, and railroads
Black codes and Jim crow laws kept blaccks from exercising all of their what? Freedoms
The 13th, 14th, and 15th ammendments are called what ammendments? Civil war Ammendments
The Fredman's bureau gave Food and what to fred slaves? Education
What ammendment officially abolished slavery in the U.S.? 13th ammendment
radical republicans thought president Johnson was not doing a good job of what? Rebuilding the Country
House of representatives impeacheed him for his diagreements the senate needed 2/3 vote to impeach ross voted not guilty
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