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Ch9 Life Colonies

autobiography the story of a person's life
slave trade the business of buying and selling people for profit
Olaudah Equiano wrote an autobiography of his life as a slave
Jane Hoskens a slave in Philadelphia who was treated well. She wrote an autobiography
export to send goods to other countries to sell or trade
import to bring goods from another country for sale or trade
agriculture farming and raising crops to sell or trade
free enterprise people can decide what to make, how much to charge and how much to produce
industry all the businesses that make one kind of product or one service Ex. whaling
triangular trade the trade route between Africa, West Indies, North America and Europe
Middle Passage the route between Africa and the West Indies and N. America where slaves were transported
plantation large farms that grew one crop for profit
slave codes rules that took away rights from slaves
overseer the boss on the plantation
John Woolman a Quaker who wrote about slaves and equal rights
Robert Carter III he said that slavery was against the true principles of religion and justice
frontier unsettled land in the interior of N. America
alamanac reference book that gives info on stars and climate
Philadelphia largest city in the 13 colonies, Ben Franklin lived there
backcountry unsettled land west of the Appachians
Shenandoah Valley trail first used by Native Americans and later early settlers
Benjamin Franklin one of the founding fathers he was an author an inventor and a sciencetest who discovered lightning was electricity
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