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Ch.7 social studies

Annexation Texas would join the U.S.
Expand TO spread out
How was life for immagrants? It was hard-1.they had to grow their own food 2.they buy their own land
what did U.S. think the river was for the border for Texas? Rio Grande
what did Mexico think the river was for the border of texas? Nueces river
Why did some U.S. citizens vote against Texas becoming part of the U.S.? 1. Texas had a huge debt 2. Texas allowed slavery
Why did Sam Houston want Texas to annex to U.S.? 1. The U.S. army would protect Texas 2. U.S. could take on Texas' debt 3. The U.S. had a postal service
What were the benefits of immagrants coming to Texas? 1. learned new cultures,custom,languages 2. learned new ways of building houses,doing business,and growing food
Skirmish A minor battle
Legislature A group that makes laws
Resolution A decision
Boundary A line that separates one place from another
Why did Texas need a new constitution? Texas wasn't a separate nation anymore
Which state had Texas become? The 28th
Who could vote after the constitution of 1845? Anglo and Tejano men over the age of 21
What did the Treaty of Guadalupe say? It ended the war.
What did the U.S. receive in the Treaty of Guadalupe? They received half a million square miles of land.
What did Mexico receive in the Treaty of Guadalupe? $15 million
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