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Portable Bedroom Car
Black Sox Scandal Gamblers get involved in 1919 and the White Sox get in trouble for throwing games
Edgar Rice Burroughs Wrote "Tarzan of The Apes"
Margin Calls Buying a stock that you can'y exactly afford
FDIC Federal Deposit Insurance corportation helps cover your money up to a certain amount
Civilian Conservation Corps(CCC) ° Designed to create jobs, some 2 mil men were employed and their job was to go out to the national parks and chop wood, etc. money was sent to your family
Public Works Administration (PWA) ° Bridges, infrastructure, monuments ° Again this idea that any job is better than no job
Agricultural Adjustment Act (AAA) ° Government decided that our problem was overproduction so we kill millions of pigs so that the price of pork stays reasonably high, this makes no sense because people need food ° We paid farmers not to plant their crops
Tennessee Valley Authority Act (TVA) - Building dams to help generate electricity - Doesn't help during the depression but is beneficial after the war
Social Security Act of 1936 ° Idea that the government will take money and invest it and then when you reach the age (back then 65) they will pay it back to you in monthly checks
Yamamoto Japanese student from Harvard, he tells his superiors in Japan and the result is that the Japanese begin to develop aircraft (bombers and fighters) these will be better than any American plane at the beginning in WWII
Adolf Hitler starts.... National Socialist Party (Nazi)
Triumph of the Will Leni Riefenstahl (director)
Kristolnacht "Night of Broken Glass"
Neville Chamberlain (Prime Minister of Britain) gives the Sudetenlands to Hitler and basically says go ahead to Hitler and Hitler does not stop
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