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Govt./Econ. Terms

GA Standards SS7CG1,4,6 and SS7E5,6

one central government controls everything unitary system
voluntary association of nations; can choose to give power to central govt. confederation
power shared between central government and states or provinces federal system
voters choose 2 branches of government Presidential democracy
voters choose only the legislative branch Parliamentary democracy
all the people have power in the government democracy
only one person has the power; monarch or dictator autocracy
only a few people have a say in the government; they belong to the group who has the power oligarchy
a leader who takes power by force and rules by force dictator
system of government with the strongest central government unitary
system of government with the weakest central government confederation
another name for a king or queen monarch
in a Parliamentary democracy the legislative branch is usually called _____ Parliament
what we call our legislative branch Congress
the leader in a Parliamentary democracy is called a ________ _______ Prime Minister
the leader in a Presidential democracy is called a __________ President
in a Parliamentary system, which branch has the most power? Legislative
in a Presidential democracy, which branch has the most power? they are equal (judicial, executive, and legislative); checks and balances
the power sharing system we have in the US where the central government and states share power Federal System
a type of democracy where voters would vote on ALL issues direct democracy
a type of democracy where voters choose people who do some of the government work for them representative democracy
a government ruled by religion or religious leaders theocracy
a legal member of a country with rights and duties citizen
a state of disorder due to absence of authority anarchy
a violent overthrow of government in favor of a new system revolution
an economy where decisions are made by individuals; business owners and consumers market economy
the concept that controls a market economy; scarcity and demand create higher prices supply and demand
the type of economy where people supply their own needs by following culture roles and customs traditional economy
the economic decisions are made by the government command economy
any government policy that restricts the free exchange of goods between countries trade barrier
the rare mixture of qualities needed to start and run a business entrepreneurship
a tax on imported goods tariff
a limit on the number or amount of goods that can be imported quota
restriction on trade that is intended to achieve a political purpose embargo
the type of economy most countries have with some free enterprise and some govt. control mixed economy
total $ value of all goods and services produced in a country in a year GDP
the formula that tells what one currency is worth in another exchange rate
another name for a country's money currency
the organization that controls world's oil supply, thereby controlling prices OPEC
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