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Humanists people who specialized the studies of humanities
Humanists searched out manuscripts written in? Greek and Latin
What happened if they found more than one copy? they would compare them to determine which was more authentic
What did they display a critical approach to? learning and scholarship (they sought to verify through investigation)
What are the Renaissance? they were a philosophical and artistic movement and the era when that movement flourished.
What does the word Renaissance also mean? "rebirth"
Ancient Scholars tried to bring everything they learned into harmony with Christian teachings. True of False? True
Who was Isabella d'Este? a lady who filled her palace with paintings and sculptures by the finest of the Renaissance artists.
Who was Niccolo Machiavelli? a Florentine Diplomat and historian.
What essay did Niccolo write? The Prince
How did Niccolo describe the government? he described it as not in terms of lofty ideals but in the way it actually worked. he argued that the ruler should be more concerned with only power and political success.
Why is Niccolo considered a humanist? because he looked to the ancient Romans as models
What talents did Leonardo da Vinci have? he was an engineer, a sculptor, a painter, and a scientist.
What is his most famous painting? Mona Lisa
Who was the first European to use the moveable type to print books? Johannes Gutenberg
Why did Gutenberg use the moveable printing press? to print copies of the Bible
Who was an English Humanist and a friend of Erasumus? Thomas More
What did More publish? Utopia
What did More contrast life in Europe with? imaginary, and ideal society.
Who was the leading figure of literature of all time? William Shakespeare
Where did Shakespeare get his ideas from? Marlowe (as well as play ideas)
What are 3 of Shakespeare's best plays? Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, and Macbeth
What is Flemish School? painters with perfect techniques of painting in oil on canvass
Who are 2 Flemish brothers? Jan and Hubert van Eyck
What is the Reformation? a religious revolution
What were some of the causes of the Reformation? some humanists thought that the church seemed more interested in its income than in saving souls. they claimed that the popes were acting as political leaders and warriors instead of a moral leadership.
What are indulgences? are papers that the priests sold that cleared you of your sin and pardoned you from punishment.
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