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Civil War Whitton

Border State Slave states which had not declared their secession yet
Succession The withdraw from the Union of 11 southern states in the period 1860 – 1861, which brought on the civil war
Union the northern states that wanted to abolish slavery
Confederacy a league or alliance, esp of the Confederate states. A union of persons, parties, or states
Irondad covered or protected with iron; 19th century warship with armor plating
Slavery the state of being a slave, or practicing of owing slaves; being owned by another man.
Abolitionist advocacy of the abolition of slavery in the united states; someone that wanted to abolish slavery
Compromise of 1850 an agreement by congress that allowed California to enter the union as a free state, but guaranteed the protection of slavery with a stronger fugitive slave law that ordered every American citizen to return escaped slaves
Emancipation An announcement by President Lincoln that freed all enslaves people in the confederate states.
Fugitive Slave Act A law forcing American citizens to return runaway enslaved Africans September 18, 1850
Kansas/Nebraska repealed Missouri compromise May 30, 1854, until January 29, 1861
Missouri Compromise An act of congress in 1820 whereby Missouri was admitted as a slave state, Maine was admitted as a free state, and slavery was forbidden north of latitude 36o 30o N March 3, 1820
13th Amendment Abolition of slavery April 8, 1864
14th Amendment Civil rights July 9, 1868
15th Amendment Black suffrage February 3, 1870
Appomattox April 9, 1865 this was the final major engagement of the Civil War. General Lee surrendered to General Grant and the American Civil War came to an end.
Harper’s Ferry John Brown raided Harpers Ferry to steal their weapons and arm slaves to fight for freedom October 16-18, 1859
Draft Men were drafted for the war, but rich men could hire poorer people to fight for them 1862
Southern secession 180 – 1861 secession happened because of slavery, economic differences, and election of president Lincoln
Uncle Tom’s Cabin Published March 20, 852 by Harriet Beecher Stowe, antislavery novel
Cotton Gin A machine that separated cotton from the seed and made cotton growing more easier and the need for slaves bigger made by Eli Whitney 1793
Gettysburg Address Speech given by Lincoln November 19, 1863
Lincoln election November 6, 1860
Lincoln assassination Good Friday, April 14, 1865 during the civil war
Emancipation Proclamation The announcement by president Lincoln freeing all enslaved persons in the confederate states January 1, 1863
VA split in two The people who were part of west Virginia remained loyal to the north, while Virginia seceded from the union and joined the confederacy 1861
Ft. Sumter April 12 – 14, 1861; Confederate army won;First battle that started the civil war
Bull Run July 21, 1861; Confederate army won; the first major battle, made the war seem real
Vicksburg May 18 july 4 1863;union army won;the Confederate army lost half their soldiers
Gettysburg July 1 – 3, 1863; Union army won;The battle had 51,000 casualties which caused Lincoln to write the Gettysburg Address.
Sherman’s March November 15–December 21,1864; Union army won; Sherman marched his troops to try and frighten people into abandoning the Confederate cause. They stole the food and livestock and burnt houses and barns of the people who fought back.
Antietam September 17, 1862; Union army won;This battle forced the confederate army to retreat back across the Potomac River. When Lincoln saw the significance of this battle he issued the famous Emancipation Proclamation.
Lincoln President during civil war, against slavery
Davis Leader of confederacy
Grant 18th president and union general
Lee Confederate general
Frederick Douglass A slave that escaped three times and was successful the third time and became friends with Abraham Lincoln
Dred Scott A slave who went all the way the supreme court because he thought that when his master traveled to free states that he should be free
Harriet Tubman Was a slave that escaped and went back several times to help slaves escape along the underground railroad was nicknamed Moses
H.B Stowe Wrote uncle tom’s cabin
Eli Whitney Invented the cotton gin
Sherman Led Sherman’s march
Jackson Confederate general after Robert e lee
Clara Barton Founded the American red cross and went straight into battle to help wounded soldiers
John w. Booth Assassinated Abraham Lincoln
John Brown Raided harpers ferry and thought it was under God’s command, abolitionist
President of the union? Lincoln
President of the Confederacy? Jefferson Davis
advantages of the North? * More people * 5/6 of nations railroad * more money, food, factories * government already in operation
advantages of the South? * More spirt * Fighting on their home soil * men were use to fight *help from England
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