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study island 2


Patrick Henry said? "give me liberty or give me death"
rights freedoms that are protected by a governments law
declaration a statement that declares, or announces, an idea
Treason is the crime of fighting against one's own government
Abigail Adams wrote? "in the new code of laws remember the ladies
1776 writes the declaration
1800 Thomas Jefferson elected as president
1803 doubles size of united states with the Louisiana purchase
1804 sends Lewis and Clark to explore the west
loyalist was someone who was still loyal to the king
neutral means not to take sides
inflatation a rise in the prices of goods
Morgan Hart had to defend her home against loyalist
Phillis Wheatly her poems praised George Washington
retreat means to move away from the enemy
Nathan Hale I only regret but I have one life to lose for my country
George Washington in the spring of 1776, the soldiers of Washington's army forced the British out of Boston.
mercenary is a soldier who is paid to fight for a foreign country
victory is the defeat of an enemy
peter salem a patriot hero of the battle of bunker hill
Haym Salomon a banker from philadelphia
Joseph Brant urged his people to side with the British
James Armistead a patriot hero Armistead spied on the British army
Deborah sampson dressed in men's clothes and joined the Continental army
Martha Washington Stayed at the generals camp and did all she could to help the soldiers
Mary Ludwig hays Was honored by General Washington for fighting in her husbands place after he was injured.
John Burgoyne led an army south toward Albany, New York
Thaddeus Kosciuszko A polish engineer helped stop the British
Bendict Arnold Led many attacks against the British, the americans won and forced Burgoyne and 5000 of his troops to surrender.
Benjamin Franklin had been trying to get help from France.
Marquis de Lafayette
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