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Social Studies

Independence Freedom from being ruled by someone else.
Declaration A statement that declares, or announces, a idea
Rights Freedoms that are protected by a government's laws.
Treason The crime of fighting against one's own government.
Loyalist Someone who was still loyal to the king.
Neutral Not taking sides.
Inflation A rise in the prices of goods.
Retreat To move from the enemy.
Mercenary A soldier who is paid to fight for a foreign country.
Victory The defeat of a enemy.
Strategy A plan of action.
Traitor Someone who is not loyal.
Surrender To give up.
Mary Katherine Goddard Congress hired her to print the official copy of the Declaration of Independence.
Patrick Henry He gave this thrilling speech "Give me liberty or give me death!"
Thomas Paine He wrote the pamphlet "Common Sense".
Thomas Jefferson He wrote the Declaration of Independence.
James Armistead He spied on the British and gave the information to the Patriots.
Benedict Arnold He betrayed the Patriot and fought for the British.
Treaty of Paris Signed in 1783.
Declaration of Independence Signed in July 4, 1776.
Abigail Adams She wrote to her husband " In the new Code of Laws Remember the Ladies.
Constitution A written plan for government.
Citizen An official member of a city, state, or nation.
Territory Land ruled by a national government but which has no representatives in the government.
Ordinance A law.
Federal A supporter of the Constitution.
Republic A government in which the citizens elect leaders to represent them.
Compromise A settlement in which both sides give up something they want.
Ratify To accept.
Democracy A government in which the people have the power to make political decisions.
Checks and Balances A system that lets each branch of government limit the power of the other two.
Veto To reject.
Unconstitutional Not in agreement with the Constitution.
Amendment A change to the Constitution.
Inauguration The official ceremony to make someone President.
Cabinet A group chosen by the President to help run the executive branch and give advice.
Political Party An organized group of people who share similar ideas about government.
Interest What people pay to borrow money.
Capital A city where a government meets.
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