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Civil Rights Mvment

Plessy vs. Ferguson Supreme Court ruling that said that African Americans could have equal facilities but separate from whites
15th Amendment Cannot deny a citizen the right to vote
13th Amendment Outlawed slavery
14th Amendment Citizenship to anyone born in the U.S.
Jim Crow Laws Laws enacted in the South to separate white and blacks in public facilities
Rosa Parks Refused to give up her seat on the bus to a white person and was arrested. This led to the Montgomery Bus Boycott.
Brown vs. Board of Education Supreme Court ruling that said separate schools for blacks and whites were unconstitutional.
De facto segregation Segregation by customs or traditions
24th Amendment Got rid of Poll Tax, resulted in more African Americans registering to vote
Little Rock 9 Students integrated all white Central High School in Arkansas, met harassment, threats, and bullying
Governor Faubus Tried to stop Little Rock 9 students from integrating high school.
Eisenhower Sent federal army to make sure students were able to integrate Central High School
Civil Rights Act of 1964 Resulted from sit-ins, Montgomery bus boycott, march on Washington, Freedom rides; forbid racial and gender discrimination
Freedom Riders Road on buses into the south to integrate public facilities - faced many violent situations especially in Birmingham
Birmingham Most segregated city of the South, police used police dogs and fire hoses on protesters
Freedom Summer Goal was to register African Americans to vote
Poll Taxes People were charged tax ($) to vote, kept poor from voting
Literacy tests Tests given to be able to vote, more difficult versions were given to African Americans, kept blacks from voting
Voting Rights Act Got rid of Literacy tests, outlawed discriminatory voting practices; contributed to more African Americans registering to vote
Martin Luther King Jr. Became Civil Rights leader during Montgomery Bus Boycott,believed in peaceful, nonviolent protests
Black Panthers Wanted to use violence to get black power, believed blacks should continue to be separate from whites, demanded that government provide for African Americans
James Meredith African American that integrated Ole Miss University
Gov. Ross Barnett Tried to keep black student out of Ole Miss University
Malcolm X Wanted to use violence to get black rights; hated whites, black separatism
Bull Conner Police Commissioner that allowed police dogs to attack protesters in Birmingham
Montgomery Bus Boycott 13- month mass protest in which all black citizens stayed off buses
De jure segregation Segregation resulting from laws
Goal of Civil Rights Movement Get rid of legal segregation
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