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What are the three main sources of cultural gropus in Latin America? Africans, Europeans, Native Americans
mixed ancestry- Native American & European mestizos
mixed ancestry- European & African mulattoes
main religion in Latin America Roman Catholic
In Latin America, which ethnic background often has the best jobs and most money? European
How did the blending of cultures occur in Latin America? people from different cultures got married
What are the primary languages of Latin America? Spanish and Portuguese
On what common language are the languages of Spain and Portugal based? ancient Latin
Which countries are included in the term Latin America? countries in Central and South America and the Caribbean
Is Latin America's literacy rate high or low? high (89%)
Where the illiteracy rate is high, how is the standard of living? low
a person who is literate can read and write
a person who is illiterate cannot read and write
Where the literacy rate is high, how is the standard of living? high
Why is the literacy rate higher for boys than girls in some countries? some cultures believe that it is not as important for girls to learn than for boys
what is the currency for Canada dollar
what is the currency for Mexico peso
what is the currency for the United States dollar
what is the currency for Cuba peso
what is the currency for Brazil real
What is the currency for the United Kingdom pound
What is the currency used in most of Europe eruo
What is the price of one nation's currency in terms of another nation's currency exchange rate
why do people exchange currency to buy and sell with other countries
what are the 3 types of languages spoken in Europe Germanic, Romance, Slavic
Germanic languages include German & English
Slavic languages include Russian
Romance languages include Spanish, French, Italian
Who is less likey to learn a new language in a country? older citizens
What problem may occur if there are too many languages spoken in the same area? communication may be difficult
What are the main religions in Europe? Christianity, Judaism, Islam
Founder-Abraham (book)Torah (followers)Jews (worship) synagogue Judaism
Founder-Jesus Christ (book) Bible (followers) Christians (worship) church Christianity
Founder-Muhammad (book) Koran (followers) Muslims (worship) mosque Islam
high literacy rates are often found in which type of countries (industrialized or third world) industrialized countries
low literacy rates and standards of living are found in which type of countries (industrialized or third world countries) third world countries
currency of Russia ruble
Europe's literacy rate is very high
although Europe's literacy rate is high, which European country still has a low standard of living Russia
what language did the first European settlers speak English
why did Austrailian government restrict immigration after it became independent from Great Britain? It only wanted European immigrants.
What religion did most Australians practice? Christianity (Roman Catholic)
Nearly all the adults in Australia can read and write (true or false) true
Australia has one of the highest standards of living in the world (true or false) true
Although Australia has one of the highest standards of living in the world, there is poverty among which Australian group? Aborigines
which group is said to be from "down under" Australians
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