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Joe's chapter 24

Joe's chapter 24 notes

Origins of segregation Plessy v Ferguson "separate but equal" - Jim crow laws
What is CORE congress of racial equality
Brown v board of ed. Topeka Thur good Marshall
Montgomery bus boycott Rosa parks
MLK Draws on philosophy of ghandi
Eisenhower calling federal troops says for all students to stay
Sit ins "peaceful resistance" to protest the segregation in dinners,stores,hotels and swimming pools
Jessie Jackson Student leader
Marion barry Student leader
SNCC Student Nonviolent coordination comtte
Freedom Riders Beaten and busses bombed
"Bull"Conner Cop in Birmingham and in KKK
Presidential responds to what? segregation
James mereith applies at the U of Mississippi governor blocks entry
legislative responds to segregation civil rights act of 1964 and voting rights act of 1965
martin Luther king Jr march on Washington 1963 "I have a dream" and Selma march "bloody sunday"
Racism still evident despite gain
watts los angeles riots in the city
Detroit chicgo riots in the city
kerner commission blames problems on white society and racism
Stokley Carmichael New leader of SNCC
Malcolm X The X symbol is a name for African ancestors
Black panthers created by eldridge cleaver bobby seals Huey newton
Created by: oreolivi